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  1. Hi Dantrell, thanks. I updated my portage today and tried to emerge lprng with foomaticdb but cups is still pulled in: [ebuild N ] net-print/lprng-3.8.35-r2 USE="foomaticdb nls ssl -kerberos" 12,220 kB [ebuild N ] net-print/foomatic-db-4.0.20140105 37,935 kB [ebuild N ] net-print/foomatic-db-engine-4.0.11 352 kB [ebuild N ] net-print/cups-1.7.5-r2 USE="X acl dbus lprng-compat pam python ssl threads -debug -gnutls -java -kerberos (-selinux) -static-libs -systemd -usb -xinetd -zeroconf" LINGUAS="de -ca -cs -es -fr -it -ja -pt_BR -ru" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="pyth
  2. I opened a bug report for this issue: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-1643
  3. Hi Peje, I saw the update and also emerged it, but with no success.. same old error message and no sound. Here is my rough config of this moment gentoo-kernel 3.16.5 (no deprecated OSS, no ALSA in kernel) media-sound/oss-4.2.2010 USE="alsa midi ogg -gtk -pax_kernel -vmix_fixedpoint" OSS_CARDS="ich -ali5455 -allegro -als3xx -als4k -atiaudio -audigyls -audiocs -audioloop -audiopci -cmi878x -cmpci -cs4281 -cs461x -digi32 -digi96 -emu10k1x -envy24 -envy24ht -fmedia -geode -hdaudio -imux -madi -maestro -midiloop -midimix -neomagic -s3vibes -sblive -sbpci -sbxfi -solo -trident -usb -userdev -vi
  4. I tried our suggestion from post #7 but still got same result when I try to start /etc/init.d/oss start ... also I can't find the word patch in the feedback of emerge oss: Calculating dependencies * IMPORTANT: 10 news items need reading for repository 'gentoo'. * Use eselect news to read news items. ... done! >>> Verifying ebuild manifests >>> Emerging (1 of 1) media-sound/oss-4.2.2008 * oss-v4.2-build2008-src-gpl.tar.bz2 SHA256 SHA512 WHIRLPOOL size ;-) ... [ ok ] >>> Unpacking source... >>> Unpacking oss-v4.2-build2008-src-gpl.tar.bz2 to /var/tmp/po
  5. UPDATE: I found that this dependency was done by a wrong assumption: (from http://dilfridge.blogspot.de/2013/12/foomatic-is-moving-into-cups-filters.html ) But lprng is still maintained: Last stable: 19 Mar 2014 (For LPRng-3.8.35) (from http://lprng.com ). And lprng is also still maintained by foomatic (see http://www.linuxfoundation.org/search/node/foomatic and http://www.linuxfoundation.org/collaborate/workgroups/openprinting/databasefoomatic#Using_Foomatic_with_a_particular_printer_and_spooler ). How to notify the ebuild maintainer that this foomatic and cups bundling is base
  6. Hi, I am running lprng with this use flags at the moment: net-print/lprng-3.8.35-r2 USE="nls ssl -foomaticdb -kerberos" Now I need to add the foomaticdb use flag so that I can run my printer with lprng - but then I get a block: Calculating dependencies... done! [ebuild N ] app-text/qpdf-5.1.2:0/13 USE="-doc -examples -static-libs {-test}" 7,485 kB [ebuild N ] app-text/enscript-1.6.6 USE="nls -ruby" 1,300 kB [ebuild N ] net-print/foomatic-filters-4.0.17-r1 USE="dbus -cups" 261 kB [ebuild N ] net-print/cups-1.7.3 USE="X acl dbus pam python ssl threads -debug -gnut
  7. I tried it like described in http://www.funtoo.org/Localpatch (The old link does not exists anymore): emerged foobashrc made a symbolic link from etc/portage/bashrc to /etc/portage/foobashrc.bashrc created /etc/portage/localpatches, /etc/portage/localpatches/media-sound and /etc/portage/media-sound/oss-4.2-2008 placed the file from newbie to /etc/portage/localpatches/media-sound/oss-4.2-2008/osscore.diff remerged oss executed /etc/init.d/oss start with the same error message like before :( Did I made a mistake somehow through the steps?
  8. Thanks, Peje, for that patch. I placed it like you wrote under /etc/portage/patches/media-sound/oss-4.2-2008/osscore.diff and reemerged oss... but no change :( .. oss is still not running... Here is my emerge --info output.... can anyone review it before I file a bug? Portage 2.3.6-r8 (funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/arch/x86-64bit, gcc-4.8.2, glibc-2.18-r1, 3.14.4-gentoo x86_64) ================================================================= System uname: Linux-3.14.4-gentoo-x86_64-Intel-R-_Core-TM-2_CPU_T5600_@_1.83GHz-with-gentoo-2.2.0 KiB Mem: 3088684 total, 149608 free KiB Swap: 7
  9. Hi followed the kernel configuration of http://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/OSS and emerged the oss package. The message after the installation said that I shall run /etc/init.d/oss start but that fails with: root@localhost /h/zenlima# /etc/init.d/oss start * Starting OSS ... Relinking OSS kernel modules for "" This may take few moments - please stand by... OSS build environment set up for REGPARM kernels Building module osscore Failed to compile OSS make -C /lib/modules/3.14.4-gentoo/build M=/usr/lib64/oss/build modules make[1]: Entering directory '/usr/src/linux-3.14.4-gentoo' CC [
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