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  1. Hello, I'm back on Funtoo, my last experience didn't went really well. One year and half ago, I tried a pure UEFI install in a Macbook 6.1. Couldn't even get it to boot. Discarded Funtoo in that time because I needed the laptop working for university and job, so I installed Fedora, then CentOS 7. Learned a bit more about Linux and installed Funtoo again two months ago. Since that I learned a lot more and I'm thinking about reinstalling. My system atm is: * Core i7, 4GB RAM * Pure EFI Boot with Grub2 * LVM under Luks * Mate & LXQt Desktops * Consumer software like Firefox, VLC, Deluge... * A lot of developer stuff, primary Python & Web, then Java (Wildfly) * KVM to virtualize Win7 and Funtoo (Yeah, I use it too as test server and learning purposes, trying to work only in terminal+no mouse) The thing is, quite happy until webkit, both gtk and qt stopped compiling, I don't have swap also and I'm thinking that I could use it for hibernation and such (Im always on the move with this laptop), so thinking about reinstalling the following questions came to my mind: * What is the state of btrfs or xfs? Are they mature enough now? Can you hibernate (RAM to Disk) in any of them? I particulary like the snapshot and live features of btrfs, but how is this hit by luks? I dont know If I would leave luks behind. * What kernel do you recommend and why? Currently I'm running an stripped pf-sources because of BFS, but I don't know if it integrates the same as gentoo-sources, for example. * Are Hardened sources hard? I mean to learn. This last year in CentOS I learned about SELinux and Firewalld, would be that enough? I mean, I feel dumb having NSA level security at hand and not using it :-| * Forgot one question: In what affects using a pure64 build? If I understand correctly I would not have multilib packages, then no skype, for example? It's worth it? * What about going python3 only? I program mainly in it and would be nice if I could leave python 2 behind (less headaches because of different versions of pip and such).
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