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  1. hi, If a check the auto connection to vpn on nm-applet, it's ok, i can choose another vpn after...
  2. Hi, Is possible to use OpenVPN and OpenConnect (cisco AnyConnect) in the same time with nm-applet ? I use Xfce with networkmanager-1.2.2 and nm-applet-1.2.2 But on my sytem, when i am connect on one, i can't choose another on nm-applet. But if i am connected on openvpn and i use net-misc/openconnect package with a terminal it's ok. thanks :)
  3. Thanks. i have migrate my system with cp -a /mnt/old-hdd /mnt/NewSdd after boot on livecd All working fine :-)
  4. Hi, I have my funtoo system on a old hard drive and i want to transfer on a new ssd drive. I think doing like this: 1. Boot with a livecd, like system recscue cd. 2. Prepare my new ssd disk, with fdisk. I use MBR and no ufei 3 Format new partition ssd disk and mount partitions (like a new install) 4. make a copie of the system from the old hard drive to the new ssd drive, by: cp -a /Old-Hard-Drive /New-SSD-Drive (cp -a normaly copy with the good privilege no ?) 5. Update the /etc/fstab to write the good place for /boot et / etc... 6. update grub But i'
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a RDP client for my Funtoo box. I use XFCE 4.12 I used remmina for several years, but i'm not able to compile it with FreeRDP useflag... cf. https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-2097 An idea ?
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