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  1. Cool, thanks! Then I will attempt to do the stage 4 installation, but that might have to wait until the weekend.
  2. I'm going to test the Plasma version in VM later today. Does the installer work at this alpha stage?
  3. Great, thanks! I may give this a try this weekend.
  4. This is a pretty exciting project for a newb like me. Forgive my ignorance, but how do you install Bentoo? Basically follow the steps for a stage 3 installation, but grab your stage 4 tarball instead?
  5. I'm getting ready to install Funtoo to my new (to me) Core2 Duo desktop. Is there any advantage for an average desktop user such as myself to using the 'hardened' mix-in? I tend to run a bit on the paranoid side in terms of security, but perhaps this is only really useful in server settings? Just wondering if anyone uses/recommends this for the desktop.
  6. Thanks, I will give that a shot tomorrow. As a temporary solution, I was able to get up by: # ifconfig eth0 netmask up # route add default gw
  7. So, I now have a basic working Funtoo installation, as detailed from this post: http://forums.funtoo.org/topic/410-new-funtoo-user/ However, I am stalled on static IP configuration, and have no internet connection. All of our machines here at work have static IP addresses, whether desktop or server. Ugh. I have configured (or so I think) via instructions for "Server Network Configuration": # cd /etc/init.d # ln -s netif.tmpl netif.eth0 Using nano, I created /etc/conf.d/netif.eth0 configuration file with this info: template="interface" ipaddr="" gateway="" nameservers="" domain="funtoo.org" And then: # rc-update add netif.eth0 default Also rebooted. During boot, it indicated that eth0 was up, but "RTNETLINK answers: Network is unreachable." Other than not having my netmask info, this is the same static IP info I usually use for this machine. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks!
  8. You are correct, the old Athlon 2000 XP does not support usb boot, but the new core2 duo machine does, so I will most likely go that route when I get to that.
  9. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it! I'm actually building it from the SystemRescueCD, which happens to be my favorite live CD.
  10. Hello good people! I signed up here a while ago, but have only been lurking, as I hadn't yet ventured into installing Funtoo. I finally took the plunge yesterday at work, and started to install Funtoo on an old AMD Athlon 2000 XP desktop machine (768MB RAM, 80GB HDD!), to familiarize myself with the process, to eventually install on my own Core2 Duo desktop. Linux kernel 3.16.2 was still building when I left for the weekend, so hopefully on Monday I will return and finish the process. Oh, as background: I have been using Linux since about 1999. I think my first was RedHat (pre-Fedora). Ran Debian for a long time. Eventually moved to Slackware, and have been a happy slacker ever since, but I really wanted to delve into the source-based world of either Gentoo, Funtoo, or CRUX. So I decided on Funtoo, mostly because it seems like "Gentoo-improved," has a smaller community forum (Gentoo's is huge, CRUX is mailing-list only), and seems determined to avoid the "systemd takeover" of Linux. I imagine I will have some questions along the way, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
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