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  1. The error messages 2) and 3) were both generated by Funtoo on startup from the hard drive after install without System Rescue Disk inserted. Will start afresh, as you suggest. I appreciate your attention again. Thank you!
  2. The discovery for me about the size of the hard drive is very reassuring. I decided to try to reinstall in view of my earlier botched internet and AC power connections (see other forum thread I mentioned having started), and certain error messages described above are still a mystery to me. For example:- 1) The message that there was already a dev/sda2 partition (I had just done the 'o' command to wipe out the former partition table created during the first funtoo install attempt and created the boot partition immediately after), but fdisk declared that somehow there was already a dev/sda2 (
  3. Thank you kindly, digifuzzy! That was very enlighting and it has reassured me. I had spent a fair while fretting and researching about recovering any presumed 'lost' sectors! All the best to you!
  4. Looking at my past screenshots of GParted, the shrinkage in reported HDD size has now been noticed to have actually occurred earlier than when Funtoo was first attempted to be installed. (The lost sectors on the hard drive were attempted to recuperated by basically following suggestion at http://blog.xenodesystems.com/2014/05/recover-lost-or-damaged-hddsdd-space.html. However, I was not able to regain lost sectors - size should be 750Gb after all, not c.800Gb as I first thought, nor 698.4Gb as GParted reports. I ran antiviri from Trinity Rescue Disk to check for rootkits having formatted d
  5. Attempted Funtoo install on hard drive (sda) which has had its hard drive somehow reported shrunken in size (http://forums.funtoo.org/topic/352-interrupted-emerge-passwd-instruction-executed-late-devsda2-already-exists-found-lost-partition/). Attempted to follow install instructions, although instructions on the following were not clear to me:- (a) 'USE' flag syntax; and (b ) I thought I should try to install AMD Radeon r600 kernel for my HP laptop with AMD A10 when trying to determine which 'USE' flags to specify in etc/make.conf, so in the end I figured I should add certain 'USE
  6. Attempted my two first Funtoo (or Gentoo-based) installs using the BIOS+GRUB(MBR) option (unsecured boot, legacy support) as System Rescue would not boot with secure boot, and having used Ubuntu-based distros off and on for an aggregate total of c. 2 yrs, migrating as disappointed to learn about pitfalls of systemd. Laptop is HP AMD64 with an A10 (?'pile driver' I suspect) 4-core. Neither of the two Funtoo install attempts got to a command prompt stage, and I suspect that this was due to my errors. The bootup processes for both install attempts stopped with a message like 'INIT: no more in
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