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  1. HI funtooers, When will Cinnamon 2.8 be available for funtoo Users? Also, from what I've read elsewhere, Cinnamon can be used with or without systemd (vomit). What is the case for the version (2.6.13) that is currently available? Thanks, MTB.
  2. cite is the correct word in this context, not site. As above, it should be cites instead of sites. We have to think of the Members whose native language is not English so that it is easier for them to learn and understand mate. From your friendly grammar and spelling nazi. ;)
  3. Hi funtooers, I was born with a bad left eye and hence my right eye is EXTREMELY strained, myopic and tired after 30+ years of using and working with computers. Before I possibly needlessly start reading through the pages for Metro, I would like to know if pursuing the associated processes would produce any sufficient benefits over installing the available Stage 3 Build for my Laptop. Boot time is important to me and for a reference from the moment the GRUB entry was executed, for Manajaro 0.9.0 Xfce+Ob OpenRC, the Login Screen was displayed in 22 seconds which is a lot better than the vari
  4. Hi cardinal, So, would I just need to use emerge from the Terminal to install these packages? Thanks, MTB.
  5. Shills sent by the zionist schmucks that operate RedHat/Fedora for the elitist agenda. They are just trying to undermine Daniel's good work.
  6. Hi funtooers, When I have the time I would like to give funtoo a try. I found the following 2 pages mentioning Cinnamon but I don't see anything in the ebuilds categories. http://www.funtoo.org/News:Testing_GNOME_3.14 http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_1.0_Profile/pt-br I see, in the forum, VLC being used by someone but I don't see that in the ebuilds neither. I see there is an Xfce4-meta package but the XFCE Panel Plugins doesn't include the xfce4-power-manager plugin. Thanks, MTB.
  7. Hi Dan et al, After a few days of part-time reading, I finished reading the following page last night. https://igurublog.wordpress.com/2014/04/08/julian-assange-debian-is-owned-by-the-nsa/ So, given that funtoo uses OpenRC, how safe are we from the shenanigans, of the elite, that cause so much division and disharmony, amongst us all, for their benefit? Thanks, MTB.
  8. Does Funtoo use systemd or openrc? I'm hoping it is openrc?
  9. Hi Dan et al, I have a Laptop with a Core i5 3230M CPU and 5400rpm Hard Drive. How long should it take to get to an idle desktop after booting it? Thanks, Michael.
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