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  1. I did run that and reboot though! I was trying to skip around compiling it all again lol I ran into issues with xkeyboard-config but just figured out I was missing get text. That problem came after the modules and I woke up at 4:30 thinking "gotta fix this ahhhhhh...."
  2. Well you certainly did hit the nail on the head! I feel so stupid! Thank you so much! :)
  3. AH! Hit the nail on the head (WELL, not hit yet...) I didn't do "make modules_install" or "make install" I did "cd /usr/src/linux" "make clean && make distclean && make mrproper" then copied the configs from proc (systemrescuecd), then "make menuconfig" to edit the config, then "make -j5" and copied the bzImage and System.map to /boot (which is the EFI partition) Ok. Time to put this in action and I'll post back if stuff happens :)
  4. Attaching dmesg. It does look a little small for a dmesg, but here it is.
  5. Hello! New to the forums, and Funtoo. Bit of background: I am a crazy 14-year-old Linux user who is advancing in Linux every day. I discovered Ubuntu when I was 9, and ran 8.04 alongside Windows on a netbook. I have memorised installs like Arch and Slackware, and dislike systems. Jumping to March 2014. I was at peak of curiosity at this point I think, and installed Gentoo on a desktop and a laptop. These weren't very powerful, but I developed a love for compiling. I have compiled 7 kernels and 5 of them have actually worked :D Jump to October 2014. I bought a Lenovo G505 laptop from Te
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