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  1. I have very mixed thoughts on the whole thing. On one hand debugging a layered system with cleanly separated scripts is much easier. But a lo of time that debugging is needed because different things won't play together nicely. Systemd kinda fixes that by implementing a lot of those. But I don't feel quite comfortable having such a tight woven system inside, becuase to me systemd seems like a "OS within OS" or "kernel over kernel" type of thing and very blackboxy. On the third hand, would love to see Linux boot as fast as Windows 8.1. I know that Winows is kind of cheating with FastBo
  2. I noticed how much effort went into getting Gnome 3 to run without systemd. But I'm interested what was the reason for not switching to it? I had a look at the comparison table ( http://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Talk:Comparison_of_init_systems ) and it seems to me that probably the "Hard-to-debug monolithic startup in undocumented C" might be it. Am I correct?
  3. Yes, I definitely think that it would be possible to define some goals like portage improvements etc. As for the wow factor, that would require some brainstorming. I'm new to Funtoo so I don't really know all the stuff that's included.
  4. I wonder if you have considered fundraising for Funtoo on Kickstarter? Usually things like "old devs starting new projects" get a lot of popularity there. I think that "Gentoo creator coming back with new project" would strike a good vibe with people who used Gentoo back in the day.
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