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    maleita reacted to drobbins in 1.4 stages   
    So, upgrade is pretty easy this time around.I will have instructions soon. But you can basically use "standard" upgrade steps. I recommend emerge -1 glibc gcc first, then emerge -auDN @world should generally work. Report any bugs related to upgrade like failed builds because often this can be fixed by tweaking dependencies. Overall the upgrade is MUCH easier than 1.2 -> 1.3.
    One trick is to remember to "eselect python set --python3 python3.7" after python-3.7 is emerged to make it default. Also, mesa right now is very picky about USE flags related to video card. For example, if you don't have a card that supports vulkan, you cannot have vulkan in USE. Same with xa and other things that were more "permissible" before.
    As of yesterday, I am now happily running gnome 3.32 and it is working perfectly. I would still call things "in beta" but the remaining issues (there is a "reboot doesn't work" issue currently active, due to a missing /run/initctl -> /dev/initctl symlink) should be worked out with minor package updates.
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    maleita reacted to drobbins in gnome-kit 3.26-prime now default   
    Hi All,
    gnome-kit 3.26-prime has been made the default gnome-kit, upgraded from 3.20-prime. emerge -auDN @world and a restart of xdm should be sufficient to upgrade to the new GNOME. I did keep the older gnome-control-center due to really bad multi-monitor configuration in 3.26's control center. Everything else is upgraded to 3.26.
  3. Haha
    maleita got a reaction from NikosAlexandris in emerge @preserved-rebuild trouble   
    is in the /var/db/pkg/app-crypt/qca-2.1.3-r2/qca-2.1.3-r2.ebuild
    before has qt4 and qt5 IUSE , now have no!
    PS: if u remove kdelibs your kde goes broke!!!!
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    maleita reacted to drobbins in llvm-gcc + systemd ?   
    We are planning to stick with OpenRC and gcc.
  5. Trolling
    maleita got a reaction from Sandro in emerge --sync problem   
    Thanks the last option works like charm!!
    kali ~ # emerge --sync >>> Syncing repository 'gentoo' into '/usr/portage'... /usr/bin/git pull Already up-to-date. === Sync completed for gentoo q: Updating ebuild cache in /usr/portage ... q: Finished 39297 entries in 0.136935 seconds kali ~ #
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