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  1. maleita

    emerge @preserved-rebuild trouble

  2. maleita

    emerge @preserved-rebuild trouble

    Exatly because kdelibs remove plasma-desktop of my "@world" and will open a bug report ,thanks Jhan. P.S. there is a bug report alredy. https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-5128?filter=-4&jql=text ~ "qca" order by created DESC
  3. maleita

    emerge @preserved-rebuild trouble

    kali ~ # emerge --info | grep qt4 kali ~ # i don't need is portage who needs!
  4. maleita

    emerge @preserved-rebuild trouble

    There no qt4 IUSE .Somebody forgot something???????????????
  5. maleita

    emerge @preserved-rebuild trouble

    good morning =app-crypt/qca-2.1.3-r1have qt4 IUSE ,but in upgrade loose the IUSE ,need a little help , somebody forgot anything?????
  6. maleita

    emerge @preserved-rebuild trouble

    Still ....................
  7. maleita

    emerge @preserved-rebuild trouble

    is in the /var/db/pkg/app-crypt/qca-2.1.3-r2/qca-2.1.3-r2.ebuild before has qt4 and qt5 IUSE , now have no! PS: if u remove kdelibs your kde goes broke!!!!
  8. maleita

    emerge @preserved-rebuild trouble

    the problem is this.
  9. maleita

    emerge @preserved-rebuild trouble

    if it was............................
  10. maleita

    kernel can't find / (root)

    don't need a separate /boot RTFM
  11. maleita

    trouble with totem-3.26.0

    https://pastebin.ca/4027658 here is my problem , meson
  12. you can use grub too or lilo , you are free.
  13. maleita

    kde 5.11

    I try upgrade kde 5.10 to 5.11 and ,have a little trouble