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  1. IMPORTANT: LXD and pam update

    pam-1.3.0-r3 update provides better values for maximum open files in /etc/security/limits.conf. This is good values on modern systems. However it was found that pam_limits.so that actually setting the limits has bug that occurs in LXD containers, which results in incorrect limits handle. As a consequence, after reboot of containers SSH connection can be terminated. We will fix pam_limits.so soon, so that it will correctly handle limits inside containers. In the mean time, DO NOT UPDATE /etc/security/limits.conf inside LXD containers. LXD containers should have NO limits set in /etc/security/limits.conf until we have fixed the upstream bug.
  2. ego sync failing SOLVED

    try with: mv /var/git/meta-repo /var/git/meta-repo.old ego sync
  3. please, mail this to support@funtoo.org
  4. [Solved]Opera won't open

    open terminal emulator, then, there run opera and look what you getting
  5. ego-2.6.0 released

    Notice on sys-boot/grub. For runtime functionality of boot-update, grub2 must be explicitly installed. Please, proceed with: # emerge grub It will be in your world file and will not be removed with emerge --depclean. Installation guide has this covered. https://www.funtoo.org/Install/Bootloader
  6. https://www.funtoo.org/Install/Bootloader
  7. ego sync failing SOLVED

    you will need to clean-up your /etc/ego.conf please, share this file
  8. [Solved]error installing lxpanel

    it is very likely installed without X use flag enabled, for desktops system you need to enable desktop profile, which can be achieved by epro flavor desktop this way gdk-pixbuf will be merged with X use. Ultimately lxpanel must depend on gdk-pixbuf[X], which is perhaps it missing.
  9. ego-2.6.0 released

    ego-2.6.0 released with lot of fixes. This version now also incorporates the boot-update, which was previously a standalone package. To update to new version of ego following steps required: # ego sync # emerge --deselect boot-update # emerge -auDN @world
  10. Broken files on fastpull-us.funtoo.org

    i installed noto-cjk few days back, by coincidence to this problem, and tarball was above 300Mb. For such problems, yes. bugs.funtoo.org is the most appropriate place for report.
  11. How can I install Smtube 18.1.0

    report on bugs.funtoo.org, please :)
  12. No more updates?

    It is due to internal infra re-rearrangement, updates will be up soon
  13. XFCE update available

    xfce 4.13-release now default kit
  14. pgadmin4-3.3 update added

    pgadmin4-3.3 latest upstream version now added. This version has a helper binary pgAdmin4-web, to start the web server, which can be accessed with browser by by default. Default PATH for pgadmin's STORAGE, SQLITE cache and other are now created in ~/.pgadmin directory in your /home/username.
  15. XFCE update available

    Hi, dear Funtoo users! XFCE 4.13-release available for testing. Currently not default and requires following steps to update. In /etc/ego.conf enable xfce-kit 4.13: [kits] xfce-kit = 4.13-release Followed by ego sync and emerge -auDN @world Log out and back into your desktop environment.