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  1. OK, I must confess, I do have UUIDs in my /etc/fstab, but since I am not on my linux comp at this time, I simply used the /dev/sdXnn nomenclature and for clarity. Said that, /dev/sdXnn should work too, as long as your hardware setup doesn't change and you do not have a misbehaving BIOS, UEFI or the boot script/setup fails to cope with it. I do use /dev/sdXn in VirtualBox at work place and I do not have problems with it. You would likely know if the problem is with using UUID/LABEL or /dev/sdXnn by looking at the boot logs. Oh, btw I have double checked the UUIDs and they are correc
  2. Booted using UEFI, rEFInd boot manager which in turn loads grubx64.efi, then on I manually specify the kernel CL as : linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.17.2 root=/dev/sdb1 rw Regardless of the boot method, it results in the same. I suspect that my .config is missing a CONFIG_ option that OpenRC depends on, will need a lof of time and effort to figure that out, unless I turn out lucky !
  3. That was quick, thanks Oleg ! ;-) OK, so the relevant partitions to my setup are as follows: /dev/sda: 254G SDD -- GPT /dev/sda1 EFI /dev/sda2 Win 8.1 /dev/sdb: 4TB SATA III -- GPT /dev/sdb1 Funtoo / /dev/sdb2 NTFS /dev/sdb3 NTFS /dev/sdb4 Funtoo Data /dev/sdb5 NTFS . . /dev/sdb10 NTFS /dev/sdc: 1TB SATA II -- GPT --> Holds NTFS Partitions /etc/fstab contents as follows: /dev/sdb1 / ext4 /dev/sdb4 /mnt/data ext4 /mnt/data/vcache /var/cache none <---[bind mount] /mn
  4. I've got this problem with a custom compiled kernel, something I never encountered before since my use of linux since 1994. I am pretty sure I am overlooking something silly ! I have spent hours into coming up with that perfect lean kernel with support for my exotic hardware and removing all the unnecessary cruft. If I boot up a generic kernel, I do end up with a working system. Kernel boots up, manages to mount the root filesystem read-only (mounts read-write if specify rw on kernel CL) and then OpenRC init kicks off but fails to mount filesystems from the /etc/fstab file and /dev/pt
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