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    Wifi Broke

    I've got a PCIe wifi card (Atheros AR93xx) that was working great, but now seems to be broken. I'm trying to use NetworkManager to make it all work. Here's some output: # nmcli dev show wlan0 GENERAL.DEVICE: wlan0 GENERAL.TYPE: wifi GENERAL.HWADDR: [shows valid MAC here] GENERAL.MTU: 1500 GENERAL.STATE: 20 (unavailable) GENERAL.CONNECTION: -- GENERAL.CON-PATH: -- # nmcli dev wifi rescan Error: Scanning not allowed while unavailable or activating. No wifi networks appear to be seen, but the interface itself does appear to be there. What's odd is this was all working fine, but now seems to be sad. Open to trying suggestions, but please don't ask me to copy walls of text because that's hard without internet access... :)
  2. Awesome! Linux is fun, there's a million ways to do something, and as long as the end result is a working system it's hard to say that any one way is wrong. Some just might be easier or less error prone than others :).
  3. If you want to get fancy you can pipe dd through pv to get a progress bar. It's a lot more confusing of a command though, and doesn't buy you a ton unless you need to know exactly when something will be done.
  4. Are the disks the same size? If so, I suspect you could just use dd from your LiveCD environment: dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb Just, be really careful that you know which disk is the old one and which is the new one, because disk destroyer will blindly copy, bit for bit, with no regards for what it's actually doing. What's neat though, if you do this, dd will copy over your MBR as well (it will copy the *entire* disk), so it might be a single command, then take the old drive out, and reboot. If the new disk is larger you can still do something similar like this, but you might have to then resize partitions to make use of the new space. I haven't played with that in a while, so I don't know the exact commands, but it should be pretty easy to google. They're likely file system dependent in any case.
  5. Why not explore distcc? You've got other Funtoo systems laying around, it's possible to set up the laptop to not even do any of the compiling, just linking, and if you're really concerned about the SSD and don't care how long it takes, you could set up all of the linking to occur over a NFS mount (not recommended...but possible!). Years ago I did something like this between a laptop and desktop both running Gentoo. It worked well because the laptop wasn't nearly as powerful. Around the same time I also used distcc in an internship, to farm out compilation tasks from one master server to 40+ slaves (which weren't useful until the software was compiled...), which was awesome because it turned an all day compilation into a 30 minute affair, and none of the engineers understood how I had done it :D.
  6. I'm trying to compile KiCad on my Funtoo desktop, and I'm running into a problem that there is no wxpython-3 packages. It appears that there are several wxpython-3 packages in Gentoo, but that they've not made it into the Funtoo overlay. Is there a reason for this? I know I can just compile my own wxpython, but I was surprised to find the package missing in the Funtoo overlay and wasn't sure why that might be.
  7. Awesome, thanks guys. I'm definitely spoiled by getting cross compiling working so easily on Ubuntu, but that's ok. Have you tried doing anything with distcc? This was my thought, basically set up Funtoo on the BBB but not let it compile anything itself, rather make sure the desktop is on and let my desktop do the heavy lifting. I've never tried cross-compiling via distcc, though I imagine it should work (provided you've got the correct cross compiler set up!). I should have time in a couple of days to give this a shot, so we'll see if I can get it working.
  8. I'm exploring Funtoo for both a desktop (x86_64) as well as my Beaglebone Black (armv7). I've got it working great on my desktop but I'm struggling to get a cross compiler set up on my desktop since I obviously don't want to be compiling a bunch of stuff on a small ARM system. I know I technically can get away with just the armv7 stage 3 and the kernel from BBB, but I'd like to be able to re-create everything on my own. For what it's worth, I'm doing something similar at work on an Ubuntu 12.04 system and it was pretty easy to get a functioning cross compiler. I realize this might not be a major goal for Funtoo, but I'd like to try to get this working since everything else about Funtoo has been great!
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