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  1. @causes Yes I also read somewhere that Google uses Gentoo. Most probably because they want to make sure there's no chance of Chinese addons included in the final binaries:) Probably for the same reason Gentoo will soon be very popular in China so they also have tighter control over the binaries they distribute as well.
  2. To me Funtoo is like a Linux designed for users to play around with, experiment and come up with new ideas. So the website should have areas which allow users to collaborate, share and rate custom projects and addons. I realise this is already possible with custom overlays but apart from a few paragraphs, there is no mention of what custom overlays are already available and no rating system. If Funtoo wants to expand its user base it has to go further to empower its users to play with the Linux. That's why its called Funtoo right? @causes If you hadn't put your link to http://causes.host.funto.org how would I have easily found your overlay from the main Funtoo website. Its a shame because you have a very nice utility there and I would give you very good rating:):)
  3. In the Arch AUR there are not just ebuilds for software but for themes, editor customisations and other small snippets of things which could be useful to other people. For example, rightly or wrongly, the first thing I look for when installing any Linux Distro is how quickly and easily I can pimp my desktop exactly to my liking. Its important that my desktop is more cool than anybody elses:):) The AUR repository is an excellent resource of users customisations to help me a achieve that. Now, I've customised my desktop I say to myself, I wouldn't mind a bit of fame, let's customise the original theme ebuild a bit and submit it to see if people like it. Now I feel even better (as long as I get some votes:)). This can be done via forums to begin with but it really needs more structure. For example, you'll want an overall summary page with a proper query section to see what is available and the vote ranking. While you are correct in saying a lot of people wouldn't care to write an ebuild, the Arch community at the same time shows that a lot of people would be interested in contributing something back. It also empowers people. Even if they just submitted an ebuild containing a few icons they feel good seeing it there. Lastly, something like this wouldn't be much work to implement.
  4. @666threesixes666 Looking good but agree with @uudruid74 about the Windows screenshots:) :) :) @uudruid74 Completely agree with you that Gentoo has stagnated for a while. I did use Gentoo for a while myself but got fed up with the long compiles so went over to Arch which is very good. However, they are pro systemd and its getting a bit like using Windows so I'm looking to change to Funtoo. However, Arch does have something that I really like and that is the AUR repository. Its a repository where anyone can submit an ebuild and then other community users vote for it if its any good. If it gets enough votes over time it gets included in the mainstream repositories. Its grown very popular, it gives mere mortals like us a bit of fame and really gets people involved.
  5. What I like about Funtoo are that Daniel Robbins is an OpenVZ expert and it shows in how easy it is to implement OpenVZ containers in Funtoo. Each Linux Distribution needs a killer feature if its going to get momentum and this could be it. Secondly, the documentation is starting to look very good. And last but not least there's a very knowledgeable and friendly community building around Funtoo. PPS Dantrell's work in getting Gnome 3.14 to work without systemd with no help at all from the gnomes is an amazing story!! He might have to go into hiding soon:):):)
  6. Funtoo looks a fantastic Linux distribution. The anti-systemd stance and the OpenVZ support make it very compelling. Out of interest what companies are using it now?
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