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  1. Don't EVER post a picture of your monitor again EVER
  2. And don't thank me until you see the bill I'm going to send you for my consulting fees!
  3. s/hooting/booting/g damn Android autocorrect!
  4. You aren't hooting the kernel you just built. You are spinning you wheels. Finish your install according to the HowTo, get grub installed, get it hooting. Then emerge your syslog and other stuff the HowTo mentions. Once you are booting native, come back and try X again.
  5. you still didn't answer if you were hooting natively or chrooted. if the file is empty, you have other issues. Xorg always makes a log. Try running startx with output and stderr redirected to a file so you can at least see what's going on. dmesg doesn't tell me what's wrong with X.
  6. PASTEBIN PASTEBIN PASTEBIN! Dunno who asked to look at your dmesg, but its not where you should start. As I said, Xorg.log. And WTF are you using btrfs? Basics first. Btrfs looks cool, but that's kinds advanced if you don't know if you need ACPI or not. ACPI is Advanced Configuration Power Interface. On a laptop, you want it. Desktop it would be optional and definately not related to the issue at hand. Did you Google ACPI before asking?
  7. 1 - this ain't Windows. Why did you post a link to a driver site? 2 - Is the system hooting by itself or are you still using the rescue CD and a chroot? If the latter, do the former first. ie: ditch the training wheels! 3 - Your Xorg log file will tell you what you need to know. You need to read it. You could post it, but I don't feel like reading it because... 4 - I think funtoo is the wrong distro for you. Funtoo is a meta distro and you need to learn the basics first. You need a distro where you can get started. I would recommend Sabayon since once installed, you can
  8. Interesting. I never noticed that. I wonder what the plan is? I'm guessing the new features would be using control groups?
  9. Firefox will continue to use more and more RAM as you use it. I just set it to open all current tabs on restart and then I can close it and restart it to reclaim RAM. Close firefox before letting your system suspend and it wont take so much time to resume. It will be faster to reopen it after suspend. ZRAM compresses RAM that is 'swapped out', basically it compresses it instead of swapping it by giving you a /dev/zramX set of devices to swap to. Unless you are using a cell phone (swapping to flash ia a horrible idea) then you can disregard zram.
  10. Hmm... shouldn't evdev take care of keyboard and mouse as well? AFAIK, X should have migrated over to the newer API awhile ago. I don't even use xorg.conf files anymore. The autodetect is usually better. In fact, even my touchscreen works (nice with Gnome 3.16) and hotplugging HDMI monitors (except for audio ... I have to manually change the HDMI audio to another device via pulseaudio's control panel if I yank out the hdmi cable).
  11. Firefox has an obvious memory leak. I think its had a leak since Netscape Navigator and no one seems to want to fix it. 20GB is absolutely ludicrous! Mine is at 14GB (I only have 8GB of actual RAM). I have less than a dozen tabs open. All the images and html on all those pages PLUS all the over head to load in the regular expression virtual machine, the javascript virtual machine, and all the node tree overhead shouldn't be THAT much. I don't think any Java is on any of these pages, so that VM shouldn't be eating RAM, although thats another one that eats RAM like its nothing. The ke
  12. There is always the standard Funtoo Logo ... (although this one has some slight changes from the standard - looks better on dark backgrounds, more shadows, fixed spelling of 'powered'). I'd put it on my laptop. I could put it next to my Tux "Linux Inside" computer case emblem.
  13. UHmm ... impressive in what way? It is not dependency based and does not seem to support parallel start-up. It doesn't look like its very "intelligent" - I assume it uses plain shell scripts to configure services ... compare to Gentoo/Funtoo's OpenRC which have most of the intelligence abstracted into a library, with configuration in a separate directory. I suppose you might be able to start OpenRC with the runit init daemon, but why? My /sbin/init is 37K. Where did you read that Funtoo is changing init?
  14. My opinion on systemd: systemd is horrible. Binary logs is a horrible idea. Restarting services is bad (if I want that, I'll use Nagios and have it actually monitored and get proper notifications and prevention of thrashing if the service can't be started). Putting everything into pid1 is bad - the main difference between pid 1 and all others is that if pid 1 dies, so does your server. As long as its external to pid 1, it can be rescued. If someone wants systemd, there are other distros (gentoo, etc). Pulseaudio ... a horrible waste of effort that should have been spent on jack. The
  15. OK, I need some help understanding virtual dependencies. The Web HOW-TO says to let nginx be pulled in if you use tengine (seems horrible) since most apps don't know what tengine is. BTW ... the existing instructions are horribly managed for the mail HOW-TO. I'm going to look into cleaning that up since I finally got it all working well, but had to manually edit just about everything! Likewise, getting newer PHP functionality out of tengine/nginx took a bit of regex magic that needs to go into a HOW-TO. And there should be one for SSL as well. Thats non-trivial with the newer exploits
  16. Next stupid trick, which is pertinent to Gentoo/Funtoo since you frequently may have to add to a file with >>/etc/portage/package.mask (or .use or whatever). A slight typo could kill your file. Fix this way: In .profile set -o noclobber Just please don't ask what made me think of this :(
  17. Let's go again, this time its trying to rebuild stuff that's supposed to work. It all worked fine before! And courier-unicode is installed at the latest version. I'm doing an -auDNv courier-imap to upgrade depends before @preserved-rebuild since world failed. First line appears to be an ebuild bug?? configure: error: The Courier Unicode Library appears not to be installed. You may need to install a separate development subpackage, in addition to the main package !!! Please attach the following file when seeking support: !!! /var/tmp/portage/net-mail/courier-imap-4.16.0/work/courier-
  18. Ugh ... 4 GB isn't enough ?? World fails when it hits tengine again. Trying to do @preserved-rebuild, but I don't see anything that would help a memory problem. I guess I'll have to turn on swap to a file. I don't have X or anything running that would eat up RAM. @preserved-rebuild fails building courier-imap. Adding swap is not an option.
  19. I used to use screen back in the 90s so I could start a compile at work and then go home and dial in to the server to check on it. I think I even had it on my 3b2... yeah I had an AT&T 3b2 running Unix SysVr3.2 For new users that don't know the juice/tmux (or screen or byobu) combination, I forgot to mention you can swipe left/right to change terminal screens. Ill use any of the three - byobu just has cool status bar applets and I think tmux has more features for a couple weird things I do with it. I also use ES File manager mainly for the Sftp (usually over USB) but I'm lookin
  20. NO, wait! WTF am I smoking? I must have been looking at the wrong screen or soemthing. I see a failure message. And it looks like its complaining about ruby21 now. And I try it again and it complains about ruby19!! What is IT smoking? navi ~ # ls -l /usr/bin/ruby lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 6 Jun 29 19:30 /usr/bin/ruby -> ruby22 navi ~ # ls -l /usr/bin/gem lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 5 Jun 29 19:30 /usr/bin/gem -> gem22 Emerge: >>> Failed to emerge www-servers/tengine-2.1.0-r1, Log file: >>> '/var/tmp/portage/www-servers/tengine-2.1.0-r1/temp/build.log' * Mess
  21. I just wanted to start a thread that contains the most useful tools and tricks; stuff you end up installing because it makes your life so much easier. Here's a couple to get you started. VIM In your non-root .vimrc cmap w!! w !sudo tee "%" >/dev/null If :w! fails because you forgot to su/sudo, just use ':w!!' SSH the Byobu way! I generally use mosh since it can be forgiving of slow and interruptable links, but I also go one step further and install byobu (its a layer on top of tmux/screen, tmux is default). It will save your session from a network drop! If you've neve
  22. I think I see what is happening. The HOW-TO mentions to specify it to be external, like this: TENGINE_EXTERNAL_MODULES_HTTP="passenger" and I just realized that external could mean that the build is external to tengine, so I have to build it separately. Sure enough, passenger has a separate ebuild, which wants to pull in apache! But, it tried to build passenger when I emerged tengine, so I'll assume that was correct and the passenger ebuild is just for apache. Well ... it finished successfully! How odd. I could have sworn I tried ruby22. And BTW, 'eselect' is likely the preferred
  23. OK, I'm new to tengine and passenger and just kinda blindly following the How-To's at this point. I don't know if I really need passenger yet, but I'm thinking something is going to need it eventually. Here's where I'm at (and I tried to set Ruby to 19 via eselect, didn't help): >>> '/var/tmp/portage/www-servers/tengine-2.1.0-r1/temp/build.log' * Messages for package www-servers/tengine-2.1.0-r1: * tengine group already exist. * group creation step skipped. * tengine user already exist. * user creation step skipped. * ERROR: www-servers/tengine-2.1.0-r1 failed (prepare ph
  24. I probably shouldn't necrobump old threads, but school for me was mostly a waste of time. I was more or less teaching the teachers and making more than them, so I quit. Then again, I've been using computers since I was 3 or 4. I could do basic BASIC in kindergarten. My advice is to figure out what you are most passionate about and dive in deep. You'll end up being amazingly good at it and someone is going to come along and need those skills. Basically, find your niche. My niche seems to be abandoned, half-finished projects :) What do I do? Here's one of the more fun jobs I wo
  25. Gcc supports a "native" target where it detects what cpu its running on and then uses that for almost code generation options. Unless you build on a host that is different from the target, why not use this feature?
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