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  1. Perhaps you don't see the horrible irony of priding yourself on giving us the ability to run systemd in funtoo after we've told you how much we hate it, despise it, and think its a spreading virus ... and you want an award for spreading it to funtoo? Think about that. Don't expect a thank you! More about me at https://eddon.systems
  2. And FYI, comparing the init logic and saying its only 2K lines and sooo small ... its still 1.6MB compared to 37K for funtoo's init. So who's shoveling the BS? That's how many times larger? A few orders of magnitude More about me at https://eddon.systems
  3. Please stop. There are no lies nor exaggerations, just relations of personal experience ... from highly experienced people no less. For example, I'm not a moron and I can make GDM stop respawning! SO, instead of insinuating that I'm too dumb to make it stop, I obviously had some other point I was making. My point is that only systemd seems to think that this is a good idea! Even systems that (erroneously IMHO) respawn a service that dies, will refuse to do so without limits on the rate. This is absolutely dangerous and can bring a system to its knees. What if it died due to low mem
  4. ROTFLMAO! Thanks! I needed that. Been a long day ... week ... decade. Made me laugh
  5. Just because everyone else uses it doesn't mean I will. Everyone else used Windows95 too, and they also had about the same arguments. I said NO, Linux is better. I'm not caving and 'its here to stay' is not a valid reason to use it. And '/etc/init.d/myservice start' works on most Unix systems. Its only systemd that changed that. Gentoo wasn't much of a learning curve and it didn't FORCE me. I even had other options and these did not affect the rest of the system. Normal sysV commands were wrapped and worked. Some day there will be something better, but not today. More abou
  6. No, but you are pretending that I don't already know these things and making it personal. Your English wasn't the issue. The fact is that the procedures that SHOULD work, don't. In spite of the fact that I shouldn't need to learn new commands, I have, and they fail. The worst is when I tell systemd to stop a service and it says it did. I change a config file. I tell it to start the service, and it says it did. But ... no new config? I finally saw the pid never changed. I killed the process manually and restarted it and it worked fine. I lost hours because systemd lied to me.
  7. Anywhere else init S You are telling me you don't know how either? "Would be easy" doesn't have the same effect as "The command is ..." In fact, "would be" sounds kinds iffy to me. This is pretty basic stuff. And if I have to ask an 'expert' just to get into a rescue mode that will actually let me check my filesystems ... something is very wrong! More about me at https://eddon.systems
  8. Internal network, not facing Internet. And even if it was, its double-NAT, one on my end (a Cisco ASA) and the other done by the ISP. You upgrade your kernel every week? There are weekly bugs that allow remote root access in the Linux kernel? Either the kernel devel team has gone to shit in recent years or you are straight up lying. Kernel issues that allow remote root (PWND? Are you 18?) are incredibly rare. The problem is almost always userspace. The last big one was blamed on bash, but was really idiots using bash to process CGI and not untainting properly ... totally wron
  9. I'm still not seeing all these benefits that I'm supposed to have. You took away the little bit of programmability I had with the shell and gave me back a config file and told me its for my own good and now I have to go learn all these new stuff from shifty documentation. I never had a problem finding my boot logs. I do have a problem with systemd not letting me get to a true single user mode where I can fsck my partitions, let alone the root partition. Seriously, exactly what benefit do I get? And don't point me to a website. I've read the propoganda, but in practice, its no
  10. You have totally missed my point. I need to assign an IP address on an embedded system (yes, memory constrained like original Unix). I don't want systemd-networkd to be available. Telling me that its more efficient for systemd-networkd to parse its configs than it is for my shell to do it is nonsense. And why would I bother to learn this? It brings zero value other than I can't use the same syntax and command lines that have worked for 40 years. And the binary logs get corrupt and they just ignore it. There is a 'wont fix' bug report on it. Blatantly ignoring data corruption! I
  11. Oh yeah, systemd is literally everywhere. I installed a bare minimal Debian image on my BeagleBone and it has systemd! I need 'ifconfig eth0' in a script, not systemd. They said that systemd was more efficient! Systemd now has systemd-boot and replaces grub, too! Its like the 'Nothing' from NeverEnding story, consuming everything Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  12. Don't count on Sailfish as a selling point. The port is pretty, but I could never get WiFi working with the 'fixes' given and mobile is dead, camera is dead, etc. The early alpha that was up is more or less abandoned by the devel. Not much of a phone OS if you cant make calls :-) Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  13. I've noticed that systemd is very bad about not being able to restart a service on my Sabayon laptop. It will say its stopped when its not, or will say its already starting when I say to start it, if X fails cause I attempt to try binary AMD drivers, it restarts GDM over and over so I can't log in to fix it, it seems impossible to get it to single user mode to fsck root. And it gets odd problems that I can never seem to resolve except with a reboot. The logs are always locked into a binary journal .... Someone turned my Linux box into Windows! The people that like Systemd grew up on W
  14. Ferrets have VERY sharp teeth! Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  15. Oh and my recommendation on Phones is OnePlus One :-) Although there is a little known ROM that will knock the socks of Paranoid in terms of speed, battery, and stability. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  16. You don't need headless X on the server, just Xlib. You only need X on the machine displaying the graphics. The machine running the app just needs Xlib. Headless X servers would be to do something like run Chrome on a headless server, have it render the page to an offscreen buffer then grab a screenshot. This works although may be faster with a video card since Web sites make use if hardware accelleration. Normal X forwarding doesn't actually need an Xserver on the remote host. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  17. How about a Ferret? Pick some name that starts with F .. And then its Franciso the Funtoo Ferret ... Or whatever name Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  18. Red Panda? Is Funtoo now the official OS of communist China? I dunno about the rest of the world but in the US, Panda is associated with China and Red is associated with Communism Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  19. Sure, glad it helped. My 'Stupid Admin Tricks' thread contains additional info and scripts (soon to be moved to my server) Taglines suck. https://eddon.systems
  20. Huh? starts at through 172.97.*.* isn't included by that mask. Thank about it. 16 bits would take over the first two bytes and 18 bits is even longer. You almost had me panicked. I was about to contact Steve and ask him what's up. I worked with him awhile back and I'm sure he remembers me. Taglines suck. https://eddon.systems
  21. As soon as I read permission denied and saw that it used to work, I thought 'it was run as root and now root owns the file so you don't have permission'. Obviously, I know this because I've made the mistake myself. That's why root's prompt is red and the system name is part of the prompt (ever been ssh'd to other systems and not realize you are in the wrong window?) I even make my home systems prompts a different color for the same reason and I keep 3 directory names showing in the prompt so I know if I'm in /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib and root has rm aliased to rm -i Experience sh
  22. Installer scripts become more useful when they work from a config file generated from a GUI. And the goal isn't necessarily to be totally noob-friendly, but rather a more efficient process. However, there are couple of GUI tools compatible with portage such as port-hole and there is a portage back end for Gnome Apps. Taglines suck. https://eddon.systems
  23. The general response I got was that Gentoo/Funtoo users don't want a graphical installer. From my standpoint, I just want the install process to be faster, less error prone, and easier to duplicate. And I think we could win over a lot of users that want to install in a simple and fast manner, but don't want systemd. From a server standpoint, I can understand why rolling releases offer too many variables and why portage 'stable snapshots' would be advantageous, but few people know how to set that up. For example, it would be nice to if the installer wrote a config that could be shared o
  24. One would be great. Anyone have any ideas? Taglines suck. https://eddon.systems
  25. The main issue is not the installation, IMHO, but the fact that it is not a distribution, but a meta-distribution. The choices on system tools have not been made for you. Which tools and how they are configured is up to you. This is incredibly powerful, but with any great power comes great responsibility. Its up to you to make informed choices and if you aren't a Linux veteran, you simply can't do that. Yes, the defaults are sensible, but many of the things we take for granted are things new users would screw up. I actually suggested a graphical installer that would automate and a
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