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  1. I checked the logs before and didn't see anything odd. But, now its stopped doing it. I'm thinking it was maybe a DNS thing. More about me at https://eddon.systems
  2. Both points are valid, but there aren't many other options. Maybe we need a package manager that installs new software based on pre-defined groups and makes new users members. More about me at https://eddon.systems
  3. I would just give separate accounts for play and school, for each kid. The play accounts would include an extra 'group' membership. The Linux firewall can restrict access to sites by the processes owning user and group. Application can have execute restricted if not in the owning group. You may need a fairly sophisticated firewall to scan the page for keywords like 'game', 'movie', 'porn' or whatever else you like. Some stuff always blacklisted, rest of the net locked except for whitelisted sites during school. And VNC should already be well integrated. Now, set up the 'play'
  4. My website is tengine and joomla. There is a landing page (preloads some stupidly large javascript while you look at pretty animations) which has a link to the Joomla stuff (php via pfm) Joomla hangs the first time you go into it. If you refresh or hit enter in the URL bar, it comes right up. Happens on multiple clients. Anyone seen this before? More about me at https://eddon.systems
  5. Nevermind. I got it all working and it seems to work great. Way cool to have my mail sorted into folders before I ever open one of my email programs. Now I just need to move more of my mail to my own server. I'm loving this! :-) More about me at https://eddon.systems
  6. Anyone have a good HowTo for setting up DoveCot with Sieve filters? I'm more familiar with Courier, but I just took the plunge and migrated over. I have sieve and managesieve USE flags set. The web site for Dovecot starts talking about Pigeonhole. Do I need it? There isn't an ebuild for it, so if I need it, what are the USE flags for? I just don't see how this fits together and all I can find are a few undocumented posts of config files, and I refuse to blindly cut n paste, or instructions for Ubuntu that don't seem to apply to us. Any Dovecot experts? More about me at http
  7. I don't think you need to bother with Metro. I remember the old Stage3 vs Stage1 wars on Gentoo (some 12 years ago now) and everyone will have their own thoughts. I like things to just work with a minimum of hassle. Just crab a stage3 and go. BTW, you use a lot of Gnome software. The Gnome desktop supports ALT+SUPER+8 to turn on zoom, ALT+SUPER+'=' for zoom in (the +/= key and use '-' next to it to zoom out again). And if you really have trouble the screen reader is ALT+SUPER+S (if orca is installed). There are others like text size and high contrast adjustments, but those don't se
  8. Systemd is NOT supported by Funtoo. Get it off your machine. You don't need it for Funtoo's Gnome. Systemd on systems its supposed to work on does weird stuff like this. Trying to meld it with Funtoo OpenRC is asking for serious pain. More about me at https://eddon.systems
  9. Are you using a framebuffer console? More about me at https://eddon.systems
  10. Another similar tool to fail2ban is sshguard, but you might to just get a list of Chinese IPs and permanently block them all. More about me at https://eddon.systems
  11. There was a slashdot article about Busybox removing systemd support, which turned into an sub-thread about an ipv6 over ipv4 service. The systemd maintainers added a respawn "fix" that would restart the service within 10 seconds since the daemon would abort if the network wasn't up .... of course this means that the upstream service providers get hit with retries every 10 seconds if your password is wrong or something else is misconfigured, and they were annoyed that the warning NOT to respawn wasn't being acknowledged and no notification was given that the unit file was being changed. They
  12. I'm not really a fan of udisks either. Even after unmounting/ejecting a usb device, I can't fsck the thing because the kernel thinks its in use, even with no files open on it. I think this is a udisks issue, which is now a systemd thing. The workaround is to remove the device and reinsert it but don't open it or else udisks will hang on to it forever. These over-complicated system daemons are horrible. And they all seem to come from freedesktop.org ... I'm really starting to hate freedesktop.org. More about me at https://eddon.systems
  13. It doubt it will ever be an option, let alone the default.
  14. Or modify rc-update to look for systemd unit files? More about me at https://eddon.systems
  15. There would seem to an issue with fragmentation of our userbase. This will only get worse. It would be nice to abstract daemon installation in some portable way. Maybe some application that could convert from some universal configuration to whatever the local init system requires, or perhaps we should accept that systemd will be prevalent and make a converter that converts systemd configurations to openrc scripts? Does such a think already exist? More about me at https://eddon.systems
  16. Your own post is my proof. You said it would be easier to accept systemd rather than maintain changes to projects such as Gnome (which is another RedHat funded/controlled project I might add). You act like it was extra work to remove systemd support from Gnome, like without the changes we'd have a choice. The opposite is true. Gnome is hard dependant on systemd and it was changed to allow a choice. So, your example is perfect. Gnome's reliance on systemd pretty much causes the distro to switch to systemd. Even if you don't install Gnome, the requirement for systemd in order to be
  17. Its portage that determines where things are installed. What did you change? I would say the culprit is near /use/lib/portage .. likely copy that tree from another machine and pray. More about me at https://eddon.systems
  18. Option 3: Is there a 3rd option? I thought funtoo was looking into revising the init system. It may be interesting to look at a set if goals that could satisfy the technical needs of both systemd and openrc users. I say 'technical' since API level compatibility with systemd for Gnome support or something might be useful, but simply doing it the way X does it (where X is systemd or traditional SysV Unix) should not be a factor ... only the actual benefits of an approach. Obviously, such a thing would be a huge project, but I think we have the expertise to pull it off. Yet, I'm not
  19. Nope. Supporting systemd means supporting two versions of all the things that systemd had polluted. Why should Funtoo give you a choice when none of the major distributions do? And again, I don't care what everyone else does. I don't use bind for DNS. I was one of the first to stop using sendmail. I was a very early proponent of Linux. I've never done what everyone else does, and the Linux community hasn't really followed such a mindset in the past. You assume that the switch to systemd was made because its better, and not due to duress. And from what I saw that's not what hap
  20. Already mentioned what was wrong with the Red Panda. You are looking for a symbol. Symbols have meaning, beyond just 'Awe that's cute'. If the symbol you use already has strong meanings in the person viewing the symbol, then you should intend for that association to be made in the persons mind. Do you intend to associate Funtoo with communist China?
  21. Sorry to reply to an old post, but just saw this ... You are complaining that Funtoo isn't a serious alternative because its not like everyone else? IMHO, its the ONLY alternative! It's not much of an alternative if its exactly the same as everyone else. And not giving you a choice? Uhmm ... we aren't getting a choice from any of the mainstream distros, and they have way more resources to maintain different "choices". I think you should bug them to support OpenRC! That would be more fair. As for why the other distros chose to switch, its because of systemd's practices (Embra
  22. You don't have to say something directly to imply something. Perfect example, I mentioned the respawning of GDM ... an example of a bad practice and the particular mindset of systemd that I disagree with. To respond by saying, "Well, I figured out how to make it stop ..." 1 - Avoids the entire point. 2 - Implies that I couldn't figure it out. I think everyone in this thread can figure out how to make it stop, so ask yourself why such a comment was made if not the implication I noted? And I don't need to see code at all. This isn't a debate. Once again, no one can give me any ben
  23. EFI is fine, UEFI is a joke. And mine is broken. It actually looks for the Microsoft EFI file to boot and none of the standard locations so making dual boot means renaming the MS loader so grub can chain it and putting grub where the MS loader is at ... and any hiccup causes MS to replace its loader which clobbers grub. "Made for Windows8" Luckily, there is "Legacy Mode" and I gave up on dual boot anyway. As for udev ... its had a long history. I only assume they have good reason for getting the kernel hotplug events as I can see a use for that in their "kdbus" scheme, but as you said,
  24. The picture doesn't mention udev nor the new systemd-boot which now manages your system before the kernel even loads! I'm wondering how the old LinuxBIOS project is doing ... might be nice to replace my uefi bios with a slim Linux kernel :) In defense of systemd, I understand the choice to include udev functionality and I likely would have done the same. It makes sense to be able to get the information directly from the kernel as an event source. But, none of the rest of userspace should care which udev you use nor should the original udev be changed. The fact that they saw fit to en
  25. Its a shame you keep going. I use Funtoo because I trust Daniel and his decisions, mainly because we think alike on a lot of issues. I loved Gentoo in the early days, and realized that its decline was because they didn't listen to their founder. Basically, I followed Drobbins here from Gentoo. It was a lucky coincidence that we have similar views on systemd. To insinuate that we came here because we hate systemd is just more of you lashing out. To do something like that would be childish, and you make this thread personal when you accuse people of childish things. You have a lot to
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