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  1. After further research I found that I had some random memory issues that didn't surface until the stress of compiling. I have since replaced the defective memory and error hasn't occured.
  2. I am getting this error message while installing xorg-x11: ERROR: sys-devel/llvm-3.5.0 failed (compile phase):emake failed I have tried three times with the same results. This is my equipment: CI7 4770 8 GB ram This is what I have done so far: 1. Installed Funtoo on a primary partition 230 GB. 2. There are no other partitions ie boot, swap, etc... 3. Didn't install a boot loader. 4. I have two other Arch installs of which one has Grub installed. 5. Installed the debian kernel 3.16.2 as suggested by the install instructions. 6. /etc/make.conf: CFLAGS="-march=core-avx2 -O2 -pi
  3. A few of the members of the irc room helped me to remedy this issue. I ended up adding the following line: dev-db/mariadb extraengine to /etc/portage/package.use This fixed the issue.
  4. Additional info: On 1st bootup I received the error and saw that the fstab entry was incorrect. I made the adjustment, changed /dev/sda4 to /dev/sda3 but since received the same error. h3nnn4n of irc suggested that I re-run boot-update and that fixed the issue. Thanks
  5. I just updated my profile to include KDE. Please see following photo: http://imgur.com/6wwCXio I then updated portage with emerge --sync and then emerge -auDN @world and received this error "Required use flag constraints unsatisfied". Please see following photo: http://imgur.com/4Y6JMSM I tried to research this but became more confused :) Thanks
  6. Upon rebooting for the first time after my 1st install, I recieved this error "block device /dev/sda4 is not a valid root device". Please see the following photo for more info: http://imgur.com/J6msPnJ Here is my fdisk -l and fstab info: http://imgur.com/G4gUOd5 I can enter /dev/sda3 and continue the bootup process. I can't find any info that makes sense on how to correct this. Thanks
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