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  1. Apologies if I offended. Not my intent. I was asking questions to ensure we both had the same understanding and were not getting terms confused. One of the "joys" of open source projects and multi-language efforts. ;) You're situation is certainly more severe than my in terms distfiles. I'm giving this one some thought... Thanks for speaking out. :) Scott
  2. My understanding is that the funtoo git mirrors (and gentoo rsync mirrors) are just mirrors of the portage tree containing ebuilds (the instructions to build) plus any supporting files/patches to make the ebuilds successful. Downloading dist files? I think that's outside of the scope of my original question. I know that Debain maintains a sources for downloads, but the ebuilds contain the url of where the user can get the source. Otherwise, funtoo's bandwidth would be enourmous (and I don't think Daniel makes as much as Mark Shuttleworth where he can dump money into funtoo ad nauseum ;-) ). A distribution archive/sync? Not sure if that's practical or useful on a large scale but certainly a considered need in a network environment. I can think of a couple of ideas, but it would have to be a development effort. - emerge client "registers" with emerge server (incorporates git-daemon) - any calls from client to download packages, server registers as "tracking" - downloads to archive and passes to client - server must consider hard drive space and report errors. - server must have clean up/maintenance functionality. - sercurity? server can be restricted to accept authenticated clients? I'm oversimplifying things here. Not a simple task, but not impossible.
  3. Are not the distfiles only required when you emerge? Having a git-daemon mirror the funtoo.org github repo does work. I have server and a desktop sync'ing to the local mirror. No problem here.
  4. Adding "--interpolated-path=/home/git-mirrors" to GITDAEMON_OPT values allows for git-daemon to "server" the repository independent of local server path. so the command git clone git://localhost/portage.git /usr/portage will actually clone the repository from /home/git-mirrors/portage.git into /usr/portage. Note: git checkout funtoo.org is VITAL! Emerge will go back to funtoo.org if you do not do this step. If you have DNS setup, you can repeat "Cloning from local git-daemon" on the local computer using git clone git://server.your.network/portage.git /usr/portage after git checkout, emerge will now work successfully.
  5. I think there is a step missing here. Doing a git clone git://[localhost | host] fails. Will look into SCM git daemon page. Note: edit made to wiki page. quotes needed around GITDAEMON_OPT values. Starting git-daemon service will fail with quotes missing.
  6. Time to experiment. If you don't see me in a while, you'll know what happened Going in... :)
  7. Reading through the wiki page, I can see the tree being cloned and a daemon set up on the server. Also, I see on the client the portage tree being set aside and the tree from the git daemon cloned. Is it implicit in how emerge/git works that emerge function will grab from the local tree from then on?
  8. I agree with the premise. There must be a way. funtoo git server daemon?
  9. Sharing protected directories across a network just seems like an extremely bad idea.
  10. Looking into keep my bandwidth usage down, I found references to setting up rsync daemon in gentoo. The idea to have a local mirror is quite appealling. Since Funtoo uses git, is there an equivalent set up/process?
  11. Knew there had to be a work around :) Thanks Oleg!
  12. So does the github repository have to be sub-divided? Went to look at something in the dev-perl but ran into this issue.
  13. MS Power point? There is LibreOffice/OpenOffice Impress. But I see your point. A standardize presentation package with default script to go with the presentation.
  14. Understood. The page also mentioned the brsaneconfig2 tool. Good luck :)
  15. Putting my sever setup together (move from debian -> funtoo) I faced the issue of installing php5. I found enough docs to walk me through issues/pitfalls to get going. However, when I emerged dev-libs/php5 I got something unexpected back. emerge complained about the dependencies built into the app-admin/eselect-php ebuild (ver 0.7.1-r3). It seems that the version of php available was "too new". The available php version was 5.5.19 but eselect-php had a hard dependency of "!<dev-lang/php-5.5.0_beta1-r2". Well, that seems silly. So I followed the steps for making a Local Overlay , copied the ebuild, updated the slot numbers to the latest available for php 5.3,5.4 and 5.5. I also added the files referenced by the ebuild. I did the emerge of php and got everything working. Yulp!!!! Touchdown!!! :D This whole process of making local overlays to correct 'perceived' upstream oversights is disconcerting. It seems to me rather deceptively easy to just overwrite version dependencies. Please tell me there's more too this. During the search for a workaround to the eselect-php ebuild, I stumbled on the exact same issue ( FL-469 ) from March 2013. This gives me the impression that hard coding the version dependencies into ebuilds creates a "whack-a-mole" situation where updating dependency info in ebuilds is a constant necessity. What's the best way to fix/update/help?
  16. I haven't played with "sane" too much, but a quick google search for "gentoo sane" found this link in the gentoo wiki. One thing on the wiki page I noticed that you didn't mention was xsane. (see Prerequisites. ) Hope this helps. :D
  17. thanks sitquiety...that reminds me of something. Fans: noctua. Awesome, modestly priced, large volume, quiet fans.
  18. I missed the part about PATA. Skimmed too fast. StarTech has bidirectionsl PATA/SATA adapters here $20 doesn't seem too bad. Maybe the intel equiv( just a guess) MB would be an i3/i5? My wife's 2009 iMac has a 4core i5 and I find it a little clunky at times. May just be OS X Mavericks. If you're replacing the MB and going with AMD - you could get away with AM3/AM3+ chipset. My only complaint w/ my current Gigabyte-990XF-UD3 is booting up w/ a USB drive. Its a know issue. I just remember to use one that is <2GB and formated with FAT and I'm good. I have 1 PCI , 2 - 16x PCIe, 2 -4x PCIe, and 2 - 1x PCIe slots. The MB + FX-6300 has a max power at ~95W. Same MB + FX-8300 max power is ~125W. Under low loads they hover <30W. YMMV Video Cards - Go w/ a low AMD. I have a version similar to this in my boxes. And power supplies for ~$50? Do-able. Mid-Tower cases < $100? Sure. and some have PS included. Cosair has some decent RAM - with a great lifetime policy. Had a 8GB fail memtest and they replaced it. No questions. Filed an RMA. Boxed it up. Shipped. And got a shiney new one back. Your OP mentioned TV/radio input. With this I have little experience, but from past searches IIRC they didn't seem cheap. Have fun shopping!
  19. My thoughts differ slightly from sputnik above. My desktop and fileserver boxes were both DIY's. They have been rather reasonable workhorses doing what I ask of them for the last ~3 years. My only suggestion is just a touch of future proofing. - Look at MB's that will allow you to step up to the next CPU (e.g. AMD - AM3+. Not sure if intel has equivalent). - A low cost case with some room for growth ( mix of 5.25/3.5 ) - A respectable power supply - A GPU card that will work with your monitor now + 1. ( and if you're thinking about upscaling monitor size - factor that into your gpu). Having all-in-one solutions may not be the best option long term if you want to swap parts later. I'm not sure what part of the world you're in, but newegg has some okay deals. And if you can time it right, buying piecemeal during sales may be an idea. I have AMD Bulldozer CPU's. I don't have anyting bad to say about it. It does what I need it too. I was just disappointed when Piledriver came out shortly afterwards. I use modest Sapphire - Radeon cards that were quite inexpensive. And I haven't had too many software glitches with FOSS. I just have to remember to grab linux-firmware for radeon blobs. I can't recall if it was zdnet or tom's hardware site that have a yearly DIY for $x article series. That may give you ideas. All for $500? Possible. good luck! :)
  20. XFCE with two different sized monitors (1920x1080 & 1600x900 - Screen shot covers up that fact - fills in desktop from first monitor.) Theme: Adwaita-Dark-3.14-rev2
  21. I think nrc's original post in reply to OP should be the last word...
  22. That's one way to start a flame war. My objection to systemd is based only on the negative experiences I have encountered. And asking for help with systemd and getting a reply similar to quote above doesn't help. This is why I came to funtoo. I was hopeful these kinds of discussions wouldn't occur here.
  23. @overkill - got that. problem was that the gcc install by default was gcc-4.8.2. This lead to all the problems about not having c++11 features and my questions about clang being hobbled by gcc. gcc-config was discussed on the gentoo wiki page for gcc upgrading. Did some reading. Thx
  24. @fossala - the issue may be in the wiki instructions. I got bit by this one, as well. The page says to echo "exec startxfce4 --with-ck-launch" > ~/.xinitrcTry removing "--with-ck-launch" from .xinitrc. Log out and log back in. Good luck.
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