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  1. idle thoughts... 1) If these are USB devices - I would lean towards the USB hub being buggy. 2) ehci? ahci driver instead?
  2. Clarification needed. I understand if others had these flags set in USE flags they need to move. For those of us that did NOT set these flags, do we NEED or SHOULD set using the suggested script?
  3. Okay...I think I found it. Embarassingly, it was probably my own foolishness. The package was unmerged about three weeks ago when I was trying to clean up. I had mistakenly used the "--with-bdeps" flag in previous emerges. When I went to use "emerge --depclean --with-bdeps=n" to clean up, it pulled out a number of packages including mdadm. I had though I had corrected this issue by re-emerging a few packages, but missed mdadm. The removal wasn't discovered until after a restart. I'll look into this. THX. So - thanks for the help with my own foolishness everyone. Props to Tassie_Tux for the lead/info.
  4. Good catch. I wasn't aware of this "feature". I can already see where it was pulled out and re-installed. Must dig. Thx Tassie!
  5. As reported above, no errors with SMART.
  6. spectromas, NP! HTH :) I thought FF-bin was "precompiled". Suggest to me FF-bin may have issues with some local setup. Just a guess. Hope you sort it out. :D
  7. waiting for ssl.gstatic Google search found this. Suggests DNS/routing problem. Not sure if it applies to you.
  8. The Glib errors I see quiet frequently in other apps when start from the command line. Don't know the reason, but I don't think its related to your problem. And the output from pref.js doesn't look out of sorts. Have you rebuilt/updated OpenSSL before emerging firefox?
  9. FYI... FF -> Help -> Troubleshooting Information will bring up the page about:support. Maybe that can give you some insight as to what is going on behind the scenes.
  10. Have you set up FF to sync? When you say gmail, are you accessing gmail via a web interface? Or via a mail program (thunderbird?) From the brief description, I'm thinking ssl/https issues. But that's just a guess. More info, please?
  11. Not a problem. Unstandable. I wasn't attentive enough during my emerging process to see what was being updated and/or removed. So reporting it "after the fact" without details doesn't help. The whole situation was just disturbing. THX for trying :)
  12. Thinking this through, it feels similar to the recent issue experienced with another ebuild. An ebuild was not updated because of USE flags being changed.
  13. Kind of shocking to emerge/reboot and not be able to find drive space. This shouldn't happen. Installed functionality shouldn't "normally" disappear. For the record: - smartd doesn't report drive errors with device storing /. - was root when I went to check mdadm Other than what I have posted in the forums/bugs in the past, not really. I just fixed and moved on as I was more worried about my system than diagnosing a possible portage/emerge issue. Sorry. Had to rant a little. My bad :(
  14. Well that was disconcerting... I just finished an emerge on my file server and followed it up with a reboot. Strange, I couldn't find my raid device!?!?!?! I did an mdadm -D devicename only to be told that mdadm as command was not recognized. ????? o_O Sure enough, sys-fs/mdadm had disappeared from my system. But I didn't remove that ebuild... Re-emerged, etc-update, rc-update, rc-service and remount...back to normal. Its these surprises with emerge that are starting to wear on me.
  15. I have systems set to use the desktop profile. But I just noticed during an emerge that the new ebuild "app-laptop/radeontool" was installed. From the ebuild: DESCRIPTION="Manage the backlight, external video output and registers of ATI Radeon graphics cards"I'm a little confused by the "app-laptop" part. Is this ebuild being installed/enabled by default now for desktop systems with ATI/Radeon cards?
  16. One thing I've noticed with Xorg. After emerging, I had to reboot. Then drivers seemed to respond. Just a suggestion
  17. A bit of a side track discussion to OP. But I had to ask. Not OP's problem. THX
  18. General Question... If you have a ufei machine with secure boot enabled, what happens when you try to boot a live-cd OS?
  19. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think we've hit seeing use flags yet. upc0d3 gets a kernel panic with System Rescue CD. Something is not good with the setup. Collectively we're missing something.
  20. Or there is an aspect to cpu/hw you're missing. Like efi? Not sure. Not familiar with later intel's. A quick google search for "haswell kernel panic" didn't give me anything conclusive.
  21. Daniel, Appreciate the thought. I saw some of the bug reports that came through in the aftermath after the upgrade. It probably put stress on those few devs. They work hard to put something out and then have to work harder in the aftermath. If I felt more confident about helping, I'd be right there with you folks digging into the code/ebuilds... THX :)
  22. This speaks to the idea of planning upgrades rather than just surprising people with the aftermath. Yes, please.
  23. If you follow the steps on kernel building on the wiki page, that's pretty much it. Cool, right?
  24. digifuzzy

    Funtoo Java

    Oleg, I very much appreciate your answer, but I'm confused as I think my question is not being addressed. To install icedtea -> emerge icedtea-bin then emerge icedtea. Got it. However, virtual/jdk will, by default, install oracle-jdk-bin. And from you suggestions above - this can't be changed as it is the default. So virtual/jdk is tied to the oracle-jdk-bin. So choices for java are... 1) install virtaul/jdk to get the default oracle-jdk 2) manually install icedtea-bin then icedtea. I hope you can see the confusion I'm having here about the purpose of the virtual ebuild if choices are limited.
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