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  1. Have you include this in your make.conf file before? VIDEO_CARDS="vmware" INPUT_DEVICES="evdev keyboard mouse synaptics vmmouse" If not doit then update your system whit your new make file. emerge -auvDN --with-bdeps=y @world And we'll see how it goes.
  2. Hi, did you make a xorg.conf file? Can you paste the output. lspci -k and the emerge --info please...
  3. Do you have an NVIDIA card? When i have the opengl set to nvidia i just got a black screen. I have to change it to xorg.
  4. So i just fixed.... Dont feel proud about it but... Just hit me that maybe thats was not the right aproach, so just ask google diferent way and.. https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=243743 just install emerge -av sys-apps/haveged rc-update add haveged default and thats it... just fix it....
  5. So this is strange... I just install funtoo in my Lenovo Y700 whit KDE and everything was running fine just have uno minor issue, the boot time netmount and networkmanager they just stop for a few seconds, then it resume my boot and that was it. First i just did this in the /etc/rc.conf rc_hotplug="!net.*" And it did the job then i was installing acpi, laptop for power manager, configuring the nvidia driver, trying to get working with the intel driver too. Everything was Ok but then I notice that the boot process just stop and I have to hit a key (any key) to resume the boot p
  6. Hi i just install Funtoo pretty much like your specs. I got a lenovo y700 laptop. M.2 with windows, and a SSD with funtoo. I use grub uefi and from there i choose between Windows or Funtoo. Got the Nvidia 960M Installed KDE. Grub was easy to install just following the instructions, just a little resarch to integrate Windows. KDE is a little bit tricky the lock screen doesnt let me get back to my session but whit a chmod get working fine. The pain is the Nvidia, the y700 works with an hybrid graphics intel and nvidia and i cant make them work properly.
  7. Hi does plymouth can be installed with the debian-sources-lts kernel? or Do I need to build from the gentoo-sources?
  8. Some time ago, I installed a compile server following a guide in the Funtoo Wiki, The server was a Pentium D and the clients two Pentium Atom. I want to install Funtoo in a Raspberry Pi but for the compilation time that is going to take, i want to install a Compile Server again. But i don't know If this corosscompile server would be posible (ARM, x86_64). https://www.funtoo.org/How_to_set_up_a_binary_package_server
  9. Hi. I am compiling in my powerfull PC and building packages for my not so powerfull PC (pentium 2 267MHz) but i want to build the debian sources kernel but i need to doit manual pulling the config file with config-extract for mi 686. There is a way to doit automatical? i mean just to build the package?
  10. maybe you need to modify the /etc/boot.conf file edit the line of the kernel i had the same error too!!
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