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    nrc reacted to drobbins in How do you ensure privacy in this day and age?   
    You and I are on the cusp of a political discussion here ūüôā but I would argue that even "reputable" sites these days are spewing propaganda, so there is no substitute for critical thinking. We do not live in an ethical age. Whether intentional or the result of our modern echo chamber, there is misleading information EVERYWHERE online and I couldn't really tell you ANY trustworthy source of information that I would tell you that you could trust implicitly. Even Associated Press and Reuters seem horribly compromised and full of spin! Every journalist seems to want to write an atomic bomb of a news story and go though such extreme lengths to try to inject bias while remaining 'factual' -- it would be comical if it weren't so sad. Assuming a posture of skepticism and "it's probably not as bad as it sounds" is highly recommended when looking at sources of information online. Politics is the art of getting a ton of people pissed off and then leveraging that energy -- and doing this online is known to be extremely effective. So you just have to be wary. Don't be a pawn.
    Now, as for the other issues you raised, I guess I can read and think about those now that I've vented ūüôā
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    nrc reacted to drobbins in Update: 1.4 with Mesa 19.1.3 and revamped VIDEO_CARDS for fast video accel by default   
    Hey Everyone,
    I recently upgraded to a newer Thinkpad Laptop (P1) and decided this was a good time to upgrade Funtoo's graphics stack to sort of finish the work that TemptorSent had started. You'll recall that if you tested 1.4, media-libs/mesa could be quite picky with USE vars/VIDEO_CARDS settings. This should now be fixed.
    One thing that bugged me when I installed Funtoo on my P1 was that video acceleration wasn't working well. So I've tried very hard to address this so that "out of the box" with minimal/no configuration, you will have good video acceleration support in Funtoo.
    New documentation on this system that is now in 1.4 can be found here: https://www.funtoo.org/Make.conf/VIDEO_CARDS
    In particular, see here: https://www.funtoo.org/Make.conf/VIDEO_CARDS/Mix-ins (This table is also included in the main page linked above.)
    You'll also see extensive documentation on the new VIDEO_CARDS settings that are available and all map directly to a particular graphics driver now (eliminating confusion between gallium and DRI drivers that existed.)
    The workstation and desktop flavors will now auto-enable Open Source Intel integrated graphics (DRI) and Radeon Gallium graphics (Gallium) -- enabling Vulkan for both. I did not enable nvidia or nouveau by default as I leave this choice of proprietary vs. open source to the user (for Intel and Radeon, the best choices are obvious so safe to enable these.)
    This should be a big step towards getting everyone optimal video performance in Funtoo without significant work! Be sure to give https://www.funtoo.org/Make.conf/VIDEO_CARDS/Mix-ins and the parent page a good read. And if you use firefox, play around with the h264ify plugin to optimize YouTube video playback and see if it helps reduce your CPU usage.
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    nrc reacted to cardinal in Emerge is trying to pull in an incompatible nvidia-drivers version   
    Cuda is not supported by legacy nvidia-driver-340.107
    Don't set gfxcard-nvidia mix-ins with legacy driver as it adds cuda use flag to make.defaults
    Cuda use flag is enabled on multiple packages on your system pulling in nvidia-cuda-toolkit which pulls in nvidia-driver-410.93
    rj@funtoo ~ $ equery g nvidia-cuda-toolkit-9.2.88 * dependency graph for dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit-9.2.88 `-- dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit-9.2.88 NVIDIA-CUDA license(s) `-- sys-devel/gcc-7.4.1-r6 (<sys-devel/gcc-8) unknown [cxx] `-- x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-410.93 (>=x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-396.24) M[package.mask] [X uvm] `-- sys-libs/libtermcap-compat-2.0.8-r4 (sys-libs/libtermcap-compat) ~amd64 `-- sys-libs/ncurses-5.9-r101 (sys-libs/ncurses) amd64 [tinfo] `-- virtual/jre-1.8.0-r1 (>=virtual/jre-1.6) amd64 [ dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit-9.2.88 stats: packages (6), max depth (1) ] Disable cuda use flag from every package on your system.
    Use this command to find the packages with cuda enabled:
    USE="cuda"; for PKG in $(equery -q hasuse $USE); do echo $PKG: $(equery -q uses $PKG |grep $USE); done At the minimum these 2 packages have cuda enabled:
    # required by dev-cpp/eigen-3.3.5-r1::dev-kit[cuda]
    [ebuild   R    ] media-libs/opencv-3.4.1-r4  USE="cuda* opencl*"
    I run nvidia-8400GS with nvidia-driver-340.107  with >x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-340.107 in package.mask
    No issue with portage wanting to install nvidia-cuda-toolkit and upgrade nvidia-driver.
    All packages with cuda use option on my system have it disabled "-cuda"
    rj@funtoo ~ $ USE="cuda"; for PKG in $(equery -q hasuse $USE); do echo $PKG: $(equery -q uses $PKG |grep $USE); done dev-cpp/eigen-3.3.5-r1: -cuda media-libs/opencv-3.4.1-r4: -cuda media-video/mpv-0.27.2: -cuda Check and avoid user override configs made in /etc/portage/make.conf , /etc/portage/packages.{use,mask,unmask}.   
    The Block on your system is caused by having apulse installed with pulseaudio use enabled.
    [blocks B      ] media-plugins/alsa-plugins[pulseaudio] ("media-plugins/alsa-plugins[pulseaudio]" is hard blocking media-sound/apulse-0.1.12-r4) Remove apulse and install pulseaudio.
    If you configure pulseaudio as minimal unintrusive dumb pipe to alsa you don't need alsa-plugins or the pulseaudio use flag enabled.
    Pulse auto-spawns when needed by pre-compiled firefox-bin or any other program with a pulseaudio driver.
    Programs with alsa drivers work as well. 
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    nrc got a reaction from engineer in funtoo logo ideas   
    Yeah, skulls don't really say "Funtoo" to me.  Not even screaming satanic ones.
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    nrc reacted to drobbins in Funtoo release model   
    We are not doing rolling release for the following reasons:
    Too much time is spent on fixing various breakages coming in from Gentoo, which takes time away from other things... other things are more important such as new technology like fchroot and the upcoming containerization solution... If users are interested in certain packages being updated, I am encouraging them to submit a pull request and maintain these ebuilds themselves, so I am going to focus on helping YOU maintain ebuilds rather than have a few people (this has generally been Oleg) maintaining them for everyone. This model doesn't scale -- we all need to do a little bit rather than a few people doing a lot. See the YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKmOY6p3c9hxv3vJMAF8vVw for tutorials Short-term, this means development slows down. But in reality, it will speed up development greatly. For those hanging out on IRC, you know that Oleg who has helped to maintain Funtoo for years has moved on to a new chapter in his life, so he is no longer active on Funtoo. But even though I am not slaving away over here, thanks to incoming pull requests Funtoo is continuing to move forward and be responsive to user needs.
    So think of it as a course correction as we become more agile and community-oriented, and be part of the solution. If you are reading this, it means you are part of the Funtoo community and just as able to contribute to Funtoo as anyone else (maybe with some tutorials/videos to help).
    When I work on technologies, I am trying more to work on key tools that help the community be more productive (like fchroot) rather than focusing on specific ebuilds, which I am leaving to the community to manage using pull requests.
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    nrc reacted to lazlo.vii in Is Funtoo dying?   
    Funtoo isn't dying.  Funtoo is changing just like it always has.  You know far better than we do what you want from your Linux distro so ask yourself if you have liked all of the past changes to Funtoo.  Then stick with it and have some faith in the wisdom of our BDFL.  If you don't like what you see in a year or two you can go to another distro and have not lost anything. 
    I originally switched to Funtoo because too many things in Gentoo and Debian stayed the same.  Having bleeding edge packages wasn't why I used Gentoo.  It was because it gave me a greater degree of control than any other OS.  The reason I love Debian is because the stable release is always stable but unfortunately I have to give a lot of control to use it.  Funtoo can give me the control that I want and at the same time give me the stability that I need so I am keeping an open mind.
    If you have the skills to contribute to the code base and improve things for all of us I encourage you to get involved.  If you are like me and couldn't write a program if your life depended on it then I encourage you donate a bit of money to Funtoo every month. 
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    nrc reacted to drobbins in Announcing fchroot - QEMU-based chroot tool!   
    Hey Everyone,
    I want to officially announce 'fchroot', Funtoo's new QEMU-based chroot tool which allows you to chroot into ARM stage3's and live systems using your 64-bit PC. It is pretty neat stuff. Check out this video for a demo:
    Enjoy ?
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    nrc got a reaction from mrl5 in feedback (for devs)   
    Thanks.  I hadn't realized that "PasswordAuthentication" doesn't affect PAM authentication.   I've always secured my machines by only allowing ssh access to accounts that I specifically configure.
    It's @drobbins call but I still think it's a bad idea to configure ssh by default on machines where novice users may believe that their physical console is the only vector for someone to attack their trivial password.   There definitely should be some documentation in the install procedure for locking that down.
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    nrc got a reaction from mrl5 in feedback (for devs)   
    @drobbins nixed the sshd suggestion in FL-6294, but I  looked at the latest baselayout and it looks like the default configuration has PasswordAuthentication set to "no" which should minimize any risk.
    I still think it's better not to have this running if it's not needed or specifically wanted.  My build process always includes setting openssh the configuration according to my standards but there's some risk there for the unaware if openssh is compromised.
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    nrc got a reaction from lazlo.vii in feedback (for devs)   
    It seems to me that metalog and sshd defaults should depend on what flavor you're installing.  A desktop flavor shouldn't have either by default while a server flavor should have metalog.  I'd say that neither should have sshd by default unless you have the amazon-ec2 or some kind of "headless" mix-in.
    Funtoo hasn't used `eselect news` since probably 2015.  I think the problem was managing news in too many different places.  Originally the intent was to put them on a wiki News page but that appears abandoned.  The News and Announcements forum here seems to be the best source.   It looks like if you hit follow at the top of forum you can get an email notification of news items.
    Funtoo has gone from being just a slightly different spin on Gentoo to something really unique among distros.  I think that's great.   
    I'm happy with what I understand of the new direction.  I enjoy the fact that we're not saddled with systemd and that customization is virtually limitless, but the "rolling release" model means that you can never truly have a stable system.  On a regular basis something gets rolled in that breaks things badly and you are forced to drop everything and fix it right now to get a working system again.
    If this new stepping release model provides a more stable system that is still more flexible and current than your typical binary release, I think it will be a win.  The key will be keeping updates coming on a regular basis.
    @drobbins launched Funtoo to work on new directions for Gentoo without dealing with the mess that Gentoo had become.  Whether or not Funtoo is the right distro for someone probably depends on how closely your goals for a distro align with his.  As I read his comments and see the direction of progress I'm on board.  But part of the mess that Gentoo had become was lack of communication between developers and  the user base, so I think your criticism of some of the communication gaps is fair.
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    nrc got a reaction from cuantar in Systemd: The Cancer That Could Kill Linux As We Know?   
    I'm just glad that we have this awesome distro to avoid all that garbage.   Thanks to everyone who contributes!
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    nrc reacted to drobbins in New drobbins YouTube vlog   
    Hi All,
    I've created a new YouTube vlog entry for your enjoyment. This one is about the latest shocking news of being let go from a job. View it here -- I appreciate it if you help me get the word out about my channel, send me some upwardly-pointing thumbs and possibly even subscribe! ? Thanks!
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    nrc reacted to drobbins in We have a new FAQ!   
    @nrc question answered -- https://www.funtoo.org/FAQ:What_Are_Funtoo_Kits
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    nrc reacted to drobbins in We have a new FAQ!   
    Hey Everyone,
    We have a new FAQ developed that allows you to more easily browse answers. See:
    You can also submit your own FAQ questions which I will answer! ? Hope you enjoy it.
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    nrc reacted to lazlo.vii in Why Funtoo is not migrating on GitLab ?   
    I think that Microsoft knows the kind of problems that would be caused if they abused their ownership of GitHub and I think they know beyond a shadow of a doubt what it would cost them:
    Let's face it, when it comes to freedom, privacy, an open market, and just about every other category of economic threat you can imagine Google/Alphabet/Android/Chrom* is bigger than Microsoft ever was.  If Microsoft wants to stop their market share slide (much less regain market dominance) then they need software developers to like them and to work with them. 
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    nrc reacted to palica in Why can not switch to systemd   
    Funtoo doesn't support systemd and probably never will.
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    nrc reacted to drobbins in Funtoo Linux Release Schedule for 2018   
    Hi All,
    In order to have more predictability for users, Funtoo Linux is going to adopt a six-month release schedule starting in 2018. Our kits are currently at 1.0-prime, and we are going to skip over 1.1-prime (it didn't get done fast enough) and jump to 1.2-prime. We are going to start development on 1.2-prime today, December 28, 2017, with a planned release of the production 1.2-prime on January 21, 2018. We will then maintain the 1.2-prime kits for the next six months, until they are replaced with 1.3-prime.
    The schedule in detail is as follows:
    December, 28, 2017: start development on 1.2
    January 1, 2018: we will be rolling out a python-modules-kit and perl-modules-kit as new kits (for 1.0+)
    January 4, 2018: Alpha release of 1.2
    January 11, 2018: Beta release of 1.2
    We will have a release candidate when we feel we are ready, with a scheduled production release on January 21, 2018.
    On February 1, 2018, the 1.0-prime kits will be deprecated and users will be migrated to the 1.2-prime kits (this should be seamless unless you've hard-coded 1.0 or 1.1-prime kits in ego.conf.)

    For 1.2-prime, what we are going to attempt to deliver is a default gcc of 6.4 and all ebuilds updated to be in sync with Gentoo as of January 2018. We will be using a 'current' (non-snapshotted tree) until around January 4th when we will freeze the tree and then will start backporting security fixes and updates.
    In a few hours, the 1.2-prime kits will appear but will be tagged as DEVELOPMENT quality, so they should not be used until they are made default. I will post updates here on our progress.
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    nrc reacted to drobbins in Forum search broken?   
    This is now fixed :)
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    nrc reacted to drobbins in ego-2.2.0 released   
    Hi All,
    ego-2.2.0 has been released, and is an important update, and will be appearing in meta-repo soon.
    New functionality has been added to help you view kit configuration. To view your current kit settings, type:
    # ego kit status This will display your current kit settings, as well as their stability level. The stability level is set by Funtoo and lets you know if you are running something we consider 'stable' or not. We recommend that all our users use kits that have a 'prime' stability level. Note that this is different than the kit having 'prime' in its name! When I create a kit, I may call it 1.1-prime if the goal is to make it production-quality, but the moment it is created, it is still considered 'dev' (developers only) status. Type "man ego-kit" for more information on this.
    It is now also possible to view a similar listing, but one that displays ALL available kits and their stability levels, by typing:
    # ego kit list This new release of ego also includes a host of other improvements, such as improvements to the "ego doc" MediaWiki parser.
    Enjoy, Daniel
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    nrc reacted to drobbins in Welcome to the new forums!   
    Hey all, welcome to the new forums! Our old forum software has been upgraded to the latest version and I'm going to be working hard to help make this a really great resource for everyone.
    Our "Funtoo Universe" section is set up in a traditional forum style, and "Help Central" is now in a Q&A-style mode. Let me know how you like the Q&A style mode. Both sets of forums allow you to tag posts as being answered and we have the ability to flag the best answer.
  21. Trolling
    nrc got a reaction from Sandro in Aboui new portage with "kits".   
    Think the transition has been more difficult and piecemeal than would be ideal.  I think once the transition is complete and all the tools are in place Funtoo has the potential to be a much better distro for the average user than it has been.  Kits have the potential to reduce the number of breaking changes that get through to users.
  22. Trolling
    nrc got a reaction from pascalbrax in manual updates required   
    Then you need start by switching to meta-repo.
  23. Trolling
    nrc reacted to drobbins in funtoo-stable is going away   
    Funtoo Linux with the default kits will be very similar to the old 'stable', with fewer updates. Users who want more bleeding-edge will need to deviate from our default kit branches and will need an upcoming version of ego to do this.
  24. Trolling
    nrc got a reaction from Sandro in can not find a specific kernel   
    The command that you quote only lists metadata about the installed gentoo-sources packages.
    For equery it sounds like you want to use the 'list' module to list packages.

    equery l -op gentoo-sources The overlay and portage (-op) options are required to list packages other than those that you have installed.
  25. Trolling
    nrc got a reaction from dockland in Funtoo not systemd-free on Distrowatch   
    I don't think it's as simple as that.  It's not a list that they manually create, it's a database query that returns distros that don't include systemd based information that they've gathered.  I assume that this is all an automated process.
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