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  1. Right-I update my own post. According to the webkit-gtk site, the discovered non-free packages forced them to re-release somevof them with the offending content removed. The patched binaries get an 'a' added to their version number. In my case, this means webkitgtk-2.4.4a.tar.xz which downloads and builds without problems. Maybe a patched ebuild is a good solution?
  2. Hi, I am trying to emerge gnome(3). The first problem I have found is the app-arch/pax package, which fails to link. The linking problem steems from macros in lib/fts.h, where some functions are renamed, which leads to link error. This can be fixed, so I continued and failed at webkit-gtk, which fails because the package can not be found in any download locations that the ebuild tries. I have two requests: 1) Please point me to a working download of webkit-gtk 2) Please point me to the instructions on how to fix ebuild errors so that they are shareable with the community.
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