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    Philipp Ludwig got a reaction from cardinal in Howto: Playing Blu-ray   
    I've created a wiki page on how to play encrypted Blu-rays using Funtoo:
    At the moment, this page is not linked anywhere and I'd like to hear some feedback from you - or just edit the page and improve it yourself ;)
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    Philipp Ludwig got a reaction from AdiosKid in genkernel Behavior and Kernel Makin'   
    The problem with the official realktek driver is that they rely on (non-free) firmware sometime. Because of this there are packages like sys-kernel/linux-firmware (which you might need) and all the stuff in sys-firmware/* .
    Regarding genkernel, I never had luck with that, it always just worked "kinda". Therefore I switchted to just compiling the whole thing manually, i.e.
    cd /usr/src/linux make menuconfig make make install make modules_install (... insert steps for building the ramdisk if you need it) To be honest,  even after a few years of compiling kernels, I still have trouble configuring it on a new machine on my own and sometimes end up with a black X or similar. Therefore I always recommend to try out the debian-kernel package, which is kindly provided by funtoo and works just fine.
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    Philipp Ludwig reacted to drobbins in CPU_FLAGS_X86   
    Hi All,
    One new thing that we have had to deal with is the addition of the CPU_FLAGS_X86 variable to Gentoo and Funtoo Linux. As you may know, there are a lot of USE flags that deal with CPU instruction sets, such as "mmx", "sse", etc. These have been migrated to a CPU_FLAGS_X86 variable, which works similarly to other variables like VIDEO_CARDS.
    Strangely, I couldn't find any good documentation on the USE flags that are now CPU_FLAGS_X86, so I created my own docs for everyone on this page:
    As you can see, the history of CPU instruction sets for x86 systems has been pretty interesting and complex.
    One thing you might be wondering, especially if you are a new user, is what instructions are being used for your Funtoo Linux system. This is actually determined by the CFLAGS -march setting, primarily. This tells the compiler which instruction sets to use when building C programs. The additional CPU_FLAGS_X86 flags enable optional build-time functionality in ebuilds for these instruction sets that must be specifically enabled. Typically, these are special optimized parts that have been hand-written to run very fast on systems with these instruction sets. I hope this clarifies things.
    Over the next week, expect updates to the Subarches page on the wiki to reference CPU_FLAGS_X86 instead of USE.
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    Philipp Ludwig got a reaction from riskio in Fresh Install laptop keeps rebooting   
    Not sure if this is a bug in gparted, we would need to try to exactly reproduce it.
    I'd just say be happy that everything works now :)
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    Philipp Ludwig reacted to delgado in Opening Windows in Fullscreen   
    Adding  USE="xinerama" to my /etc/portage/make.conf and running emerge -auND @world and restarting my computer when it was done fixed the issue!
    Thank you very much Philipp!
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    Philipp Ludwig got a reaction from delgado in Opening Windows in Fullscreen   
    Dear delgado,
    thanks for your information.
    Now I must admit that I'm not very familiar with Intel integrated graphic cards; did you try to enable the "xinerama" useflag globally and to a world update?
  7. Trolling
    Philipp Ludwig reacted to nrc in Systemd   
    There are plenty of distros that support systemd.  I believe that it's important that someone is doing the work to make a Linux distro that works without systemd.   The developers are tackling a complicated problem with upstream projects that are not always supportive (one might even say they're hostile) to their goal.   Unless the goal is to attract more users for the sake of having more users it makes no sense to compromise that effort by splitting the userbase and the development effort between installs with and without systemd.
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    Philipp Ludwig reacted to digifuzzy in Systemd   
    I think nrc's original post in reply to OP should be the last word...

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    Philipp Ludwig got a reaction from jorgicio in dev-python/imaging does not install "Imaging.h", "ImPlatform.h"   
    Thank you very much for your work, this works perfectly!
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