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  1. Trying to install Vivaldi browser but I get this error (tried a few times the last three days): 2015-02-09 12:54:32 (1.09 MB/s) - ?/usr/portage/distfiles/Vivaldi_TP2_1.0.94.2_amd64.deb? saved [40983162/40983162] !!! Fetched file: Vivaldi_TP2_1.0.94.2_amd64.deb VERIFY FAILED! !!! Reason: Filesize does not match recorded size !!! Got: 40983162 !!! Expected: 40985784 Refetching... File renamed to '/usr/portage/distfiles/Vivaldi_TP2_1.0.94.2_amd64.deb._checksum_failure_.0sfNZm' !!! Couldn't download 'Vivaldi_TP2_1.0.94.2_amd64.deb'. Aborting. * Fetch failed for 'www-client/vivaldi-1.0.
  2. I've had running Funtoo quite a time on this laptop. Worked very well. Only thunderbolt hotplug isn't working (will change with kernel 3.17). This is not Linux fault it's how it was implemented by Apple. Meanwhile I've installed ArchLinux for some reason. Here http://iocrunch.com/2014/02/linux-dual-boot-on-mac-with-full-disk-encryption/ you can find some hints e.g. how to install refind. The blog is for ArchLinux but a lot of parts are also true for Funtoo/Gentoo. Also check the ArchLinux wiki which has a lot of hints even if you run any other distribution. But meanwhile most things work out o
  3. Sorry, a little bit late... It's good for me too now. Thanks!
  4. echo ">=dev-libs/nss-3.17" >> /etc/portage/package.mask should do the job. Since world update is a little big this time I'll start later in the evening to finally start it ;-) But "emerge -av --update --newuse --deep --with-bdeps=y --keep-going @world" doesn't tell me that there is a problem using nss 3.16.5 so I hope everything compiles fine.
  5. Hi, because of an compile error with dev-libs/nss-3.17.1 I'm currently not able to do a world update with "emerge -av --update --newuse --deep --with-bdeps=y --keep-going @world". I've got the following error: >>> Emerging (1 of 1) dev-libs/nss-3.17.1 * nss-3.17.1.tar.gz SHA256 SHA512 WHIRLPOOL size ;-) ... [ ok ] * nss-3.14.1-add_spi+cacerts_ca_certs.patch SHA256 SHA512 WHIRLPOOL size ;-) ... [ ok ] * nss-pem-015ae754dd9f6fbcd7e52030ec9732eb27fc06a8.tar.bz2 SHA256 SHA512 WHIRLPOOL size ;-
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