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  1. Hey all, I know some work was done to get Funtoo running on the 2011-released HP TouchPad 10" tablet. I remember people working on getting even Arch Linux running on it. Has anyone else gotten such working if you still have a ratty old TouchPad still laying around? I could easily install LuneOS (the open source successor to webOS proper, formerly known as OpenWebOS), but having a full-blown touch capable desktop OS on this old but still quite impressive tablet would be awesome. Thanks, Shiggitay
  2. shiggitay

    Using Genkernel: Custom Initramfs

    Mmkay so can anyone help me with this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/sxapeunzrskv04d/VID_20150105_114905.mp4?dl=0
  3. shiggitay

    Using Genkernel: Custom Initramfs

    No.. Who are you on iRC?
  4. shiggitay

    Using Genkernel: Custom Initramfs

    Okay... point made, but that's not quite my issue... I'm trying to boot up from an SD Card, and from what I know you need an initramfs to load up before the kernel can with the proper mmc_core etc drivers. THAT'S what I'm asking for help with.
  5. shiggitay

    Using Genkernel: Custom Initramfs

    https://bpaste.net/show/a10422cba700 ^ ^ ^ fdisk and fstab pastes. I'm using Grub2 as my bootloader. That works fine as it's booting from the onboard tablet NAND storage (/dev/mmcblk0p1) What 'custom' and 'configs' do you want to see? /etc/boot.conf? Let me know and I'll post them for you. :)
  6. Hey all. I've been messing with my Intel BayTrail (Atom-based Z3740D CPU) tablet trying to get it to boot and properly run Funtoo Linux. I've gotten it to boot actually but now I decided I want to dual boot Funtoo and Windows 8.1. I have Windows on the internal flash (NAND) and it boots up fine, but I'd also like to have Funtoo as an option as well. There's one catch: I have it installed on a 16 GB microSD card. I assume I'd need an initramfs with the proper parameters/drivers/modules to tell the kernel where the root partitions for Funtoo is etc. I know what modules I'd need to get it working, but I don't know how to tell genkernel to generate an initramfs image with the right device path in /dev, and the required modules to load as the initramfs loads up. Is anyone up to the task of helping me out? Thanks, Shiggitay
  7. shiggitay

    Installation Of Funtoo On An x86 Tablet

    Hey all. I finally got my Intel BayTrail tablet, I'm trying to boot Sysrescue onto it. I'm running into UEFI issues. I cannot get it to boot off of the live USB I made no matter what I do. Can anyone offer any pointers? I got the Quantum Suppliers? ?QuantumView? and it'll only boot into the eMMC-preinstalled Windows 8, of which I'd like to give a shot, since it's made for touch screens (I have a have keyboard dock as well, as it comes with one) but ultimately I'd like to install and run Funtoo Linux. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey all. First post, but I'm a long time Funtoo supporter. I plan on getting an x86 (Intel Atom-based) tablet soon for Funtoo and I had a few questions: ? Since it's an Intel platform (it ships with Windows 8.1 32bit installed) will Grub install as if it were on a regular PC? ? Would I be able to install to an SD Card thus leaving the onboard eMMC intact with Windows in case I need it? ? What has the best chance of working with the current kernel iterations? That's all I can think of at the moment, but if I can think of something else to ask I'll edit this post/respond to anyone that's responded etc. Thanks, Shiggitay P.S. I'm also in the iRC channel under this same nick if you'd like to PM me. EDIT: BTW, here are the two tablets I have in mind for this project: an 8 inch form factor: http://www.microcenter.com/product/429776/VivoTab_Note_8_Tablet_-_Black and a 10.1" form factor: http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.aspx?sku=410605 EDIT 2: I think I might have a winner: http://www.quantumsuppliers.com/shop/bts-products/quantum-view-10-1-windows-tablet/