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    kits logic

    Why not follow their own definity of lts ? Having version prime-5.8 of plasma ( which is lts ) and 5.11 which is release. Their 5.8 version ( and I think upcomming 5.12 ) are lts versions, which will be supported much longer than normal releases.
  2. Just installed funtoo again today. From scratch, no backup files or configs :) This is the result :
  3. Hi, With the new profiles and developments, would it be more possible to allow user to upload the emerged binary package with profiles and use information. Other users, if using the same profiles and use flags, could then download this binary package instead of compiling on its own. For small packages, its benefict would be small, but imagine the time people would save compiling libreoffice/chromium/firefox with the correct use flags and cpu profile. What do you guys think ?
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