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    spectromas reacted to tmp-meteque in pass with gpg-agent?   
    I totally forget to update this topic.
    I have to specify my key to .bash_profile:
    GPGKEY=XXXXXXXX And start gpg-agent. I'm using startx so I add it to my .xinitrc:
    eval "$(gpg-agent --daemon)" https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/GnuPG#Using_a_GPG_agent
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    spectromas got a reaction from tmp-meteque in pass with gpg-agent?   
    Yeah I did in the end. Not sure exactly what made it work but this is what I currently have:
    in my ~/.zprofile:
    envfile="$HOME/.gnupg/gpg-agent.env" if [[ -e "$envfile" ]] && kill -0 $(grep GPG_AGENT_INFO "$envfile" | cut -d: -f 2) 2>/dev/null; then     eval "$(cat "$envfile")" else     eval "$(gpg-agent --daemon --enable-ssh-support --write-env-file "$envfile")" fi export GPG_AGENT_INFO  # the env file does not contain the export statement export SSH_AUTH_SOCK   # enable gpg-agent for ssh GPG_TTY=$(tty) export GPG_TTY In ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf I have:
    use-agent And eselect pinentry set to
    pinentry-qt I'm using this with PassFF addon for firefox so whenever it fills login forms when I want it to and doesn't ask me every time for the master password for a set amount of time.
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    spectromas reacted to AdiosKid in Some artwork for Funtoo (Wallpapers)   
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    spectromas reacted to pappy-mcfae in Im a user of Arch linux ,i want to install a source based distro, why should i choose Funtoo instead of Gentoo?   
    As a long-time Gentoo user, as well as the originator of the kernel seed idea, I can safely say that I like Funtoo a lot more than Gentoo.

    Firstly, they bought my web site. What's not to love about that? :)

    Seriously. The first thing I noticed and loved right off the bat was the git portage tree. Not only is it quicker and less taxing on an internet connection best described as crappy, it precludes the need for downloading portage to expand it where it belongs. Just open the stage-3, and tell it to emerge --sync. Viola! Instant portage tree where none existed before. When I ran into some corruption due to flaky kernel reiserfs drivers, I had to delete the portage tree a few times due to corruption. With git portage, not a problem.

    I can't really comment on it being more stable than Gentoo, because I've never really had stability problems with either distro.

    I also like that when I start it in CLI, the screen doesn't blank for login. I hate, hate, hate that about Gentoo! How can you possibly troubleshoot boot time issues if the screen blanks and takes away your error messages? Sure, it can be changed, but I don't understand why the default should hide boot messages and possible errors. No computer is perfect, and things happen. And sometimes, the log doesn't get the info, either.
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    spectromas got a reaction from AdiosKid in Layman problem   
    source /var/lib/layman/make.conf
    Just that
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    spectromas reacted to uudruid74 in I/O schedulers for desktops   
    I think it depends on your usage patterns. One isn't always better or you wouldn't have choices. If you have 20 apps all writing to different parts of the disk that would be way different than a benchmark.
    Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
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    spectromas reacted to cangrejo-linuxero in I did in second try: old pc (Athlon 64 +3000): Fstab error.   
    Hi all,
    I'm a debian user (basic skill) from Spain  and I'm trying to install gentoo on my old computer that I use for testing old hardware and distrohopping:
    - CPU: AMD Athlon 64 +3000 (socket 754)
    - MOBO: ABITKV8 PRO http://abit.ws/page/...TYPE=Socket 754
    - GPU: AMD/ATI RV280 Rdeon 9200 pro (agpX8)
    - Soundblaster 24 bits SB0410
    - WIFI D-Link
    - 2 Gb RAM DDR 400.
    - DVD Recorder
    - HD SATA 120 Gb (debian Jessie) - not connected in the instalation,
    - HD IDE 160 Gb (funtoo)
    On my first try following the installation guide I had the error in the picture.
    I found this answer on gentoo forum:
    So I decided to try to fix it, doing systemrecue live cd again, and as chroot and I checked fstab file.  I've found the name of partitions where incorrect (I had sda1, sda3 and sda4 instead sda1, sda2, sda3).
    I changed it and I followed the installation manual to leave: updating grub, dismounting and rebooting and here I am. I think I did it!
    I hope this help to other users.

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    spectromas reacted to AdiosKid in funtoo logo ideas   
    Maybe that ??   

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    spectromas reacted to uudruid74 in Firefox unresponsive for a few minutes after suspend to disk   
    Firefox will continue to use more and more RAM as you use it. I just set it to open all current tabs on restart and then I can close it and restart it to reclaim RAM. Close firefox before letting your system suspend and it wont take so much time to resume. It will be faster to reopen it after suspend.
    ZRAM compresses RAM that is 'swapped out', basically it compresses it instead of swapping it by giving you a /dev/zramX set of devices to swap to. Unless you are using a cell phone (swapping to flash ia a horrible idea) then you can disregard zram.
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    spectromas reacted to j-g- in mouse,keyboard,frozen...   
    Your problem is you don't want to read documentation, you just want the 'magic commands' given to you, some in this thread have tried to help you, but you either ignore or don't give the information requested appropriately,
    You make it possible by not reading documentation, and clearly having little idea of what you are doing.

    This kind of un-polite request won't get you any much help.

    Not following advice and the issuing random commands as root wont get you anywere, there's no point in executing synclient if you are not inside an X session,  you haven't even posted your .xinitrc or what desktop enviroment or window manager you are trying to start, and you seem to be doing everything as root, why are you installing X if you haven't even created a user, if you follow the install guide you should have  your own user before even be thinking of a graphical environment.
    Also that uname  and the snippet of kernel configuration you posted makes me think you might be running this from a chroot, are you?

    Read the documentation before asking, and make good questions, not just ' under startx, after a new install ', without giving information about your system and logs, 'under startx' doesn't even makes sense. If you want help one shouldn't be doing heuristics to figure out what's really happening on your system.

    The amount of threads asking for help you have posted to this forum just for getting your first install done, tells you don't have the knowledge of a linux system, required to maintain a source based distro,  you should try learn first using a vm or spare hardware(for a source based distro at least have 2 cores and 2GB of ram with swap), take your time to learn about the linux base system, and then you can run funtoo or gentoo as a server or workstation, if you don't have the experience to quickly trouble-shoot simple problems like the ones you have posted any source-based distro will  just be maintainace pain for you, the packages in gentoo and funtoo are very vanilla, and many packages require configuration to work properly after install( that's not saying they won't work).
    I've read in this forums funtoo can be a distro for noobs, but I strongly disagree, just learning basic shell, file system concepts and hierarchy might take a day for some people, and that desn't cover 'basic unix', so if you are a noob unless you have a week and lot's of time to read, you wont be able to make a proper installation of gentoo or funtoo, you might get something working by just coping commands from the install guide but that will soon become a nightmare to maintain.
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    spectromas got a reaction from 666threesixes666 in wierdness installing funtoo. (lxqt)   
    The point is that if you had followed the install guide then you would have set up a flavor and mixin which would have automatically set things like X. There was no need for you to view the wiki page to "fumble in the dark", the install guide cleary tells you:
    and then details how to enable whichever you like. Did you look at the output of epro list? There is a listing for lxqt there.
    This is why it is relevant that you didn't follow the documentation. The other issues you mention are simple setting up USE flags and when this needs to be done portage explains what you should do.
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    spectromas reacted to uudruid74 in Stupid Admin Tricks   
    I just wanted to start a thread that contains the most useful tools and tricks; stuff you end up installing because it makes your life so much easier.   Here's a couple to get you started.
    In your non-root .vimrc
    cmap w!! w !sudo tee "%" >/dev/null  
    If :w! fails because you forgot to su/sudo, just use ':w!!'
    SSH the Byobu way!
    I generally use mosh since it can be forgiving of slow and interruptable links, but I also go one step further and install byobu (its a layer on top of tmux/screen, tmux is default).   It will save your session from a network drop!  If you've never use tmux or screen you are in for a treat.  It multiplexes your terminal so that you can have multiple terminals through the same connection.  But, its also a session manager and this is more important (IMHO).  Start an emerge and then go ahead and detach (^A d) and you can drop your ssh connection and everything continues in the background.  When you connect to byobu again, everything is there as if you never disconnected.  Every terminal!  You can even connect from multiple machines and share the open terminals if you wish.
    I use an Android APP called JuiceSSH (and the AnySoftKeyboard with the SSH extension keyboard, although Juice gives you the other keys you need).   It manages your SSH connections and lets you connect from your phone.  This means I can pull out my phone and tap a button and be logged in to a server, check on a compile or update or view a log, and then detach from byobu really fast.    I keep byobu on the gnome "Drop Down Terminal" (desktop extension) so I have a terminal that I never lose track of and it multiplexes with byobu.  It also stays active if I log out of Gnome!!  Its session doesn't die when you log out of your desktop, its persistent.   Also, if I "Juice" in, the terminal size is changed byobu to fit the phone screen - so I can see byobu on my laptop resize as I rotate my phone (yeah, not very useful, but it looks cool).
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    spectromas got a reaction from duncan.britton in Can't launch opera-developer...   
    Is there a reason you are picking and choosing which questions to answer?
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    spectromas reacted to drobbins in Info on 32-bit compatibility   
    Hi All,
    If you are confused about recent changes to 32-bit compatibility in Gentoo and Funtoo, be sure to read this news item:
    It explains what's going on.
    Best Regards,
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    spectromas reacted to nrc in How we're keeping our users at the center of the Funtoo Universe   
    GNU and the the Free Software Foundation have nothing to do with putting users first.  They are idealogical organizations who expect users to sacrifice their own interests to further their agenda.
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    spectromas reacted to nrc in What Badly Pimped-out Vehicle is the Best Visual Metaphor for Systemd?   
    What they think it is:

    What it really is:

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    spectromas got a reaction from pytony in emerge -a www-client/firefox-bin...   
    It tells you exactly what to do.
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    spectromas got a reaction from pytony in avoid systemd...   
    Install funtoo
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    spectromas got a reaction from 666threesixes666 in avoid systemd...   
    Install funtoo
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    spectromas reacted to Xerxes Lins in Ugly Fonts Firefox   

    I solved with your help !

    I created the file "~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf" and pasted the following link content:


    And I ran the command:

    $ sudo fontconfig eselect enable ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf

    After restarting Firefox, the fonts were OK.

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    spectromas got a reaction from simgin in QA Bot is go! Tell me what you want it to test!   
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    spectromas reacted to drobbins in Pre-built kernels!   
    Hi All,
    For a long while, the most time-consuming and potentially error-prone part of installing Funtoo Linux has been building a kernel. I worded to make this better by creating the debian-sources kernel, when combined with the "binary" USE flag will build you a kernel that just works. The problem: the compile time is excessive -- it can take an hour or more even on relatively modern hardware.
    To make installing Funtoo Linux even easier, stage3's are now including debian-sources pre-built! We're using the Funtoo compute power made available by Funtoo supporters to save you time and hassle when installing Funtoo :) All you need to do is configure a boot loader and you're ready to go :)
    I enabled this yesterday on our build servers, so it will take a few days before all stage3's are updated to include debian-sources. If they have a date of 2015-05-11 or later, they should have a kernel and initramfs included.
    If you still want to build your own custom kernel, it is easy enough to unmerge, remove kernel and initramfs, and build your own.
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    spectromas reacted to morphmex in The future is here.., installer funtoo?   
    Hello everyone, often talking with my friends or users of linux-gnu funtoo I was asked if it un'installer graphic. Funtoo has the advantage of being a system is not difficult (reading wiky) that puts you in the heart of the system, allows you to learn a lot and to customize the system to your liking by choosing in advance what you want. From what I see in recent developments, Daniel and his staff are making efforts to continue the work of modernization and simplification without ever take away the control system. You believe that un'installer chart used at the discretion of the user may call into question this principle? I think not but probably requires work that the staff is not trained or perhaps among all the jobs that need to be made the 'graphical installer is the least of the problems. Before using Funtoo it used Sabayon, derived gentoo that has always used the 'Fedora graphical installer and then inserted the packaging system equo / entropy. I also tried the Russian Calculate with un'installer I prefer to that of sabayon. These experiences make me think that a simplification of the installation could increase the visibility he funtoo users. What do you think? Sorry, i'm used google-translate.

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    spectromas reacted to drobbins in Uploading and hosting of binary packages   
    Something like this will be offered relatively soon.
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    spectromas reacted to Sandro in When will we see gcc-4.9.2?   
    Excuse me for my question: Why do You want the 4.9.2 ?
    Ther's a particular reason ?
    I'm using "Funtoo stable" and is very "consistent".
    But If You want I can unmask the 4.9.2 for make an experiment re-emerging world (I've a i7 4771 then one day is sufficient to recompile all using the --keep-going ).
    Ciao :)
    PS: Ok ... since I'm a Mad man and I like to make experiments or/and tell for some errors to developers :D :D :D I'm trying to compile gcc 4.9.2 :) subsequentially I'll re-emerge world.
    1 day for this ut i'm happy if i can give an hand :) :) :)
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