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    Really low level electronics, like designing stuff like audio gear with discrete transistors, etc. Linux (of course). Some minor C and C++ experience, like modding BFGMiner to work with my custom Bitfury based ASIC miner back then or tweaking bitcoind based altcoins' net.cpp to get network latencies down for insta-mining and orphaning their blocks, hate on me ;-). Got Java forced down the throat in university and hated it. Did some Common Lisp web development and very much liked it. Also planning to do another Lisp based web project.

About Me

Attention, very opinionated! 😉 And shaved, washed and friendly (last one depends on person...). Bitcoin maximalist since 2011. RAMdisk fanatic since the Amiga 500. And yes you can fit a complete Win95 installation into 512 MiB RAM! Linux since 1999 (SuSE 6.4), Linux only (Debian at that time) since 2003 because of no SMP support in Windoze98 and screw that forced XP activation. First time Gentoo in 2005 on a Celeron 566 spare rig, got p***ed of by the compile times and stuck to Debian. Also OpenWRT since 2005. Distro hopped between Debian, Slackware and Ubuntu until the systemd cancer started spreading. Switched to Funtoo in 2012, always kept at least one installation around, even only in a KVM machine. Recently switched from Qubes OS R4.1 alpha (they've introduced Gentoo templateVMs in the alpha!) to Funtoo on my main machine again. I've now put / into a tmpfs again. I've done that with Debian on some AMD Phenom with 8 GiB RAM sometime before 2010 already, via loop device, tmpfs and mdadm. Now the same principle, I've just now (2021-05-25) got that working on my Thinkpad T480s, blazing fast. Will post about that.

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