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  1. i have found a fix, apperantly distcc dosen't like the default -march=native so i have found this guide ( https://blogs.gentoo.org/mgorny/2014/06/23/inlining-marchnative-for-distcc/ ) and used this command gcc -### -march=native -x c - which gives all of the cpu information and i have put it into the make.conf files under CFLAGS="{insert here}" and distcc has installed with no problems
  2. i am using linux mint debbi 4 ( live usb ) to install funtoo ( using generic_64 since using westmere gives me illegal instruction when i try to do ego update ) onto my p6100 intel cpu laptop and i want to use distcc to use my other more powerful windows 10 ltsc 2019 laptop ( with ubuntu 20.04 LTS from microsoft store (better performance than regular virtual machine??) ) to speed up building programs for my p6100 laptop since last time i tried installing gentoo and it was taking forever, i was still on the handbook at the time and installing the network dependencies were around half way finishe
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