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  1. Hi When i'm trying to update cmake from 3.18.4 to 3.19.0 i've got: patch -p1 failed with /var/tmp/portage/dev-util/cmake-3.19.0/files/cmake-3.17.0_rc1-FindLAPACK.patch no matter what use and c and cxx flags i use... i turned off ccache and use -march=native Can anybody help ?
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    Hi i might not be a Funtoo Guru, but as i remember the performance difference between 2 intel generations wasn't that big... so even using the same flags as for the oldest chip you won't feel the difference... The difference between separate architectures is in functions build in core... and it's important... only when u use application that need it... for example: If u run emerge --ask firefox u will see CPU_FLAGS_X86="avx2" somewhere in output... so Firefox is able to use AVX2 extension to speed up calculations... and as i remember all Intel core processors have AVX2 extension...
  3. Hi again, I've got some problems with setting Polish locales, but i worked it out... If anybody have similar problem - thats what you should do: 1) In /etc/portage/make.conf you shoud have (it might be wrong, but works): L10N="pl_PL en_US pl" LINGUAS="pl_PL en_US pl" USE="nls unicode userlocales pl" 2) Set proper locales in /etc/locale.gen pl_PL.UTF-8 UTF-8 pl_PL ISO-8859-2 en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 en_US ISO-8859-1 C.UTF-8 UTF-8 3) Run locale-gen as root, and use eselect locale list, and set to pl_PL.utf8... 4) Run locale and outpu
  4. Hi! My first post here... (and my english is not so good) I just installed Funtoo (i had Gentoo some time ago) and it doesnt recognize second battery at my ThinkPad T550... as i remember when i was using Gentoo (gnome 3.20 / systemd / ck-sources and really messed up make.conf :P ) i could see 2 batteries on power indicator (with % charge) i check, but upower doesnt see second battery... regfuntoo ~ # upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT1 native-path: (null) power supply: no updated: czw, 1 sty 1970, 02:00:00 (1605632029 seconds
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