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  1. Hello guys!

    I've installed funtoo recently with Openbox and Thunar as file manager.

    The problem is I can not add emblems to files with Thunar.

    After checking around, I read that I had to install gvfs for that functionality to work. I did but still in Thunar's preferences it says "it looks like gvfs is not available". The same if I run Thunar as superuser.

    The flags I have for gvfs are: cdda fuse http mtp sftp udev udisks archive gphoto2 nfs
    and for Thunar: exif introspection libnotify pcre udisks


    Thanks in advance for any ideas!



    EDIT: In the archives of gentoo I found that I needed to add

    exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session openbox-session

    in my .xinitrc.

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