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  1. I am now getting an xauth: file /root/.serverauth.xxxxx does not exist error. Googling for this I found no solution yet. Furthermore, it appears that xorg-x11 is not installed, only xorg-server. Should that be enough?
  2. Somehow, nvidia-kernel-modules crept into my world file. It must have been there when downloading the tarball. Even when I removed the gfxcard-nvidia mix-in it didn't' go away. This seems responsible for all the unnecessary nvidia stuff.
  3. to the 1st question: Yes, of course (it's in the guide). However, there's a whole lot of services unused, many more than I would expect: lvmetad [ stopped ] mit-krb5kdc [ stopped ] samba [ stopped ] udev-settle [ stopped ] brltty [ stopped ] net.lo
  4. This is a new (and my first Funtoo, while being a Gentoo veteran) install. I chose the 1.4-release-std gnome from the amd-zen tree. Booting to a command prompt (as root, for now) works perfectly, only firing up Gnome doesn't work. When entering startx (I have a correct .xinitrc) within seconds I am returned to the command prompt with no helpful message. The Xorg log file is attached. Anybody? Xorg.0.log
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