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  1. I would like to help solve this problem with my own hands, but I need someone to give me some guidance. I want to learn and be an active member in this community to solve Bugs, but I don't know how. I don't know how to touch the code on GITHUB and do what Cardinal describes as a possible solution. Could someone help me, guide me in this solution please?
  2. Hi all. I am installing Funtoo on a Lenovo C200. It has an Atom D525 processor, and the motherboard supports a maximum of 2 GB of memory, so I want to use Funtoo in 32 Bits, but in the Funtoo database, this processor appears inside the "atom 64" subarch which contains these Flags: mmx sse sse2 sse3. When analyzing my CPU with the command "lscpu" I see that it does not have sse3. And if I go to the subarch "atom 32" there is also the Flag sse3. How can I perform an installation in which Funtoo perfectly matches the processor and get the most out of it? I have b
  3. Excuse me, I did not realize that the login to the Bugs page is with the username only, unlike the forum page, where you can use the email account. Thank you very much cardinal.
  4. Hello everyone, this is my first post, and my first time installing Funtoo. I have been a Gentoo user for a few years. I posted here, because I do not know how to create an account on bugs site, there was already a bug about this (FL-7169) created on the date 08 / May / 20 12:47 PM I am having the following problem installing xorg. localhost ~ # emerge -av xorg-x11 These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... done! !!! All ebuilds that could satisfy "x11-apps/luit" have been masked. !!!
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