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  1. Bioshock infinite game requires libcurl library in order to work on Steam. It seems like the library is missing within the container (or at least that is what I think, provided that it fails to start with error "Could not initialise libcurl". I have seen that for other games within Steam, if the game requires an external library, it does not bundle any version of it with the game and we discover at run time that something is missing. In the past, it was just a matter of installing the missing library, but I do not know what the recommended practice would be now in a containerized Steam wo
  2. The audio is completely lost within my steam-nvidia container. I did test it as suggested on the instructions for steam: steam-container # pacat -vvvv /dev/urandom And it works. However, the Big Picture interface and any installed game do not produce any audio at all. I have no idea where to start to provide information that allows me to triage this problem. Any help is kindly appreciated.
  3. Hello, I used to have my Xbox One controller paired via Bluetooth and able to use it with Steam. Now that I have changed to steam-nvidia container, Steam is unable to detect the controller even when it appears as a recognized pair device by Plasma's Bluedevil. I have no idea what information might be useful for triaging here.
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