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  1. I found the solution for this case. I was using bitmap fonts for my terminal and other applications so I have set 'eselect fontconfig enable 70-yes-bitmaps.conf'. But after the newest update of Pango, some applications that depends on it started not showing fonts correctly. So I had the idea of change the fontconfig and I did 'eselect fontconfig disable 70-yes-bitmaps.conf' and 'eselect fontconfig enable 70-no-bitmaps.conf'. After that I could see the applications showing the fonts correctly. Thanks to everyone that tried to help me.
  2. @cardinal I also suspect that when I did the world update that brought me this problem I was not able to update all packages that were supposed to be, because I did "emerge -auDN @world" but I left my notebook emerging all things and I went to college. When I got back I did not noticed at first but after I reboot my note, I realized that may some packages were not updated as supposed to be (as the case of PyGTK). Can this problem be caused by some package that were not installed properly on that world update? Well, I do not know if it makes much sense but I am trying to figure out so
  3. @cardinal I tried to change the GIMP font but I could not find the right section because I can only read squares, although I could change the font of SpaceFM (my file manager) to a ttf font as you can see below. But ... ... nothing changed. I also have tried other fonts, inclusive another non-bitmap fonts but none worked.
  4. I have already set the introspection useflag for pango and I have already unmerged pygtk but I am still with the same problem. Am I the only suffering with this bug?
  5. No, it did not work. And the pango requirement conflict is still happening.
  6. After a recent world update some libraries were updated and it brought me some serious problems. Well, I will start with the first problem I noted: the font of some programs just got weird. So after I noted that not all programs were updated properly which was the case of PyGTK 2. So I tried to update it but I got error messages as shown in the following image. I am not an expert in e-builds but seems that some libs requires a newer version of pango although PyGTK requires an older one. Can anybody help me to fix this problem? As you could see before I am unable to u
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