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  1. I'm trying to install Funtoo, selected desktop flavor, but I got this error to emerge @world.
  2. Thanks, man! It worked. But now I'm having trouble with kde-frameworks/kemoticons 🤦‍♂️build.log
  3. I'm trying to install kde-plasma-5 using kde-plasma/plasma-meta on my fresh install of Funtoo, using wayland, but kwayland won't emerge. More info on attached files emerge --info '=kde-frameworks/kwayland-5.59.0::kde-kit':build.log emerge --info emerge -pqv build.log
  4. It worked. I'll study about the /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords. Thank's man!
  5. I'm trying to install lilyterm, but I receive the following error: I've installed vte, but didn't worked. I've removed the ":0" in the ebuild file (/var/git/meta-repo/kits/desktop-kit/x11-term/lilyterm/lilyterm-, but it gives the error: I've googled it, but didn't find any solution. What the ':0' in the vte means, and how can I solve this?
  6. I've found the problem: My motherboard. I don't have the option to choose between the graphics cards, and the nvidia card is the first one. For Bumblebee to work, the intel graphical card must be the first one. Following the Arch's Bumblebee tutorial, I realized this. Every time the bumblebeed service was started, the system froze. So, given this, it's impossible for me.
  7. Well... I've found nothing that works for me...Considering this post from Daniel Robbin ( https://www.funtoo.org/Make.conf/VIDEO_CARDS/Daniel's_Simple_Hybrid_Graphics ), and even Gentoo instructions for Optimus and Bumblebee, I guess it's impossible to use both graphics cards at same time. I'll close the topic and keep searching a way to make it work. For now, thank you very much for the attention, @jhan !
  8. Great, man! Thank you very much! I'll try this and come back with the results.
  9. Nice How do I do that? I've searched, but didn't found how to do that. Any tutorial or tips?
  10. I have a laptop with dual GPU (Intel UHD 630 + nvidia GeForce 1050ti). On my work, I need to use an external display via HDMI port, but I couldn't make it work as a extended display from my laptop. I can use one per time, but not both at same time. Is there a way to use both at same time, like extended displays? The only one Linux distro that works this way on my hardware is PopOS, but I'd like a better distro. I liked Funtoo, and I'd like to use it in my work, but without extended displays, it's impossible.
  11. Thanks, guys! Install gobject-instrospection solved my problem. I'll open a bug report, as suggested by @jhan.
  12. build.logHey, everyone. I've just installed funtoo 1.4 on my laptop. After installation, I've changed to desktop flavor, added 'no-systemd', 'gfxcard-intel' and 'gfxcard-nvidia' mix-ins. Also, added VIDEO_CARDS="intel dri3 i965 i915 nvidia" and USE="consolekit -elogind -systemd" to my make.conf. When I run 'emerge -auDN @world', I get an error x11/gdk-pixbuf, and I don't know why. I didn't found what is the 'g-ir-scanner' and the library 'mlib' that are missing. So, following the requested: * If you need support, post the output of `emerge --info '=x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf-2.38.0::gnome-
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