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  1. Thanks very much for responding, jhan, but I've sorted this out. When I looked earlier, I completely missed a dmesg entry having to do with mounting disk partitions, which ultimately led me to the solution. I have a pre-existing Solus installation on this machine. By way of preparation, I went ahead and used GParted to create my Funtoo partitions in some unused disk space. I also added a data partition at this time, which could be shared between Solus and Funtoo. At the conclusion of the partitioning and formatting, I ran $ sudo blkid from Solus and copy/pasted the output, so that I would
  2. I performed a fresh 1.4 base install on my trusty ThinkPad last night. Even though this is only my second attempt to install Funtoo, everything went perfectly smoothly. I called it a night, right after the first reboot. I haven't, as yet, created a regular user account, so I am logging into the machine as root. The first thing on today's agenda was to configure the machine's flavor and mix-ins and that's where things immediately went wrong: # epro flavor desktop ===Enabled Profiles: === arch: x86-64bit build: current subarch: intel64-ivybridge flavor: desktop mix-ins: (not set) >&g
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