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    finghin got a reaction from ventgrey in How to close my user account?   
    I am no longer interested by Funtoo since I became interested by Guix. Could you close my account?
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    finghin reacted to lazlo.vii in Mininal and Optimized Stage3   
    I will say that adding more packages to the base install of Funtoo would add more attack surface to the distro.  My home server gets over 100 login attempts every day on the SSH port alone.  Among the many reasons why I use Funtoo is that the default install is small and while it isn't completely secure by default it has a very limited number of things I must lock down when I do an install.  Could it be easier to use?  Yes, it could...but it could also be far less secure by default.  In my opinion the best way to make Funtoo easier to use (especially to those who are new to it) is to have those people with the most knowledge of the "Best Practices" write more documentation for Funtoo.  On the other hand, it's those same people who are currently writing our bug fixes and feature improvements for the distro.  It's a "Catch 22" in that regard. 
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    finghin reacted to nigga-china in Mininal and Optimized Stage3   
    Some few days ago I knew about CloverOS that's basically Gentoo with more packages installed by default, with custom config files and also highly optimized with a bunch of flags to compile programs by the most optimized way. This caught my attention so I checked their packages and I saw that the CloverOS guys disable some flags that may break some specific packages, which is nice! Also some few days ago I knew about GentooLTO, that's an overlay for optimizing the compilation of packages. I like to try new things, so I tried GentooLTO with Funtoo on virtualbox but I got a bad news that GentooLTO doesn't work properly on Funtoo.
    With those discoveries about the Gentoo world, I got myself thinking about if Funtoo had a stage3 with the suckless philosophy, minimal (this is, no custom config files and without a lot of packages installed by default, unlike CloverOS do, unfortunately; only the core as Funtoo's stage3 do), without "bloat" or "bad" (or maybe unnecessary) packages (as CloverOS do by not using systemd, pulseaudio, dbus, avahi and nls), with LibreSSL instead OpenSSL (and also with musl instead glibc if possible), and configured to compile programs to be the most optimized as possible.
    Well, I'm a young man, I started using Linux about 5 months ago (and I started using Funtoo about 4 months ago) so I have no much experience to do all things I want on my Funtoo system. So I would like (and I think that many other people also would do) if someone that also liked theses ideas make a stage3 with theses "features". This is only an idea to try to make Funtoo more "cozy" to different kinds of people, I hope you guys liked it.
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