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  1. Just an FYI, i started it all over again and let see how well it will go, this time i am planning to use simple fdisk partition not the GPT one.
  2. Hi Lazlo Here are my answers First off, did grub install ok? ==> Yes no errors Was there any strange output from ego boot update? ==> No What error message do you get when trying to boot? ==> No message just a cursor blinking Did you install based on UEFI or BIOS? ==> BIOS Hope it helps Thanks
  3. Thanks Lazlo for the help, i followed the generic_64 all went well, but after reboot nothing, the HD is not booting anymore, I wanted to try on this old T61 before i can perform the real test on a production pc. I used the rescue cd from the link of main funtoo install page, since the T61 was not booting from HD i tried to boot from this rescue usb, now after reboot in the rescue cd it looks different e.g. i can not run any command, I tried lsblk nmtui etc but getting command not found Let me know what can be done here Thanks Azher
  4. Hi Lazlo I downloaded the intel 64 skylake one Thanks
  5. Hi All This is the first time I am trying to install funtoo on an old T61 laptop, it was going good till I have been instructed to do ego sync to sync the portage tree, I am getting -bash: ego: command not found Note: as instructed I fire this command from chroot, and i am using gentoo livecd Thanks BabaGnu
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