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  1. Hi, In my funtoo hosting container, I tried out docker following this page https://www.funtoo.org/Package:Docker After emerge I got this message output * Unable to find kernel sources at /usr/src/linux * Unable to calculate Linux Kernel version for build, attempting to use running version * CONFIG_MEMCG_SWAP_ENABLED: is not set when it should be. * CONFIG_CGROUP_HUGETLB: is not set when it should be. * CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED: is not set when it should be. * Please check to make sure these options are set correctly. * Failure to do so may cause unexpected problems. Should I worried about this? The symbolink /usr/src/linux is pointing to linux-debian-sources-lts-4.9.130, but the host seems to running 4.9.110 I removed the old symbolink, copied linux-debian-sources-lts-4.9.110 from host folder to there and made a new symbolink When I tried to run the hello world docker image docker run --detach --name app carinamarina/hello-world-app I got this problem: docker: Error response from daemon: unable to find "systemd" in controller set: unknown. I know funtoo by default is not using systemd. What settings/change should I make to the system to use docker for my development? Thank you.
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