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    duncan.britton reacted to j-g- in Offline updates - is it possible?   
    You can create a chroot on a computer that has internet, and configure it as if it were the ofline system, and use binary packages built in the chroot, only try to keep the cpu options generic at first(you can tweak as you go later), you can then build there and only install the binary packages on the offiline system.
    You only need to set PKGDIR, PORTDIR, DISTDIR in make.conf, and use a flash drive mounted in  e.g. /media/funtoo/ containing a copy of your world file  and the the directories {packages,portage,distfiles,config}, set the  variables pointing to these, the same on the chroot as the offilne system, create a git repo of /etc/portage/ and commit every change you need to make to the files inside there, this is the 'config' directory inside /media/funtoo, and git push and pull  using that directory.
    Alternatively, you can setup a simple lan with a network cable or via ad-hoc wifi, and use the guide for binary packages.
    The key is to have a portage snapshot, a valid configuration (/etc/portage), and the set of packages built for that configuration, this way you can make portage resolve the same build in the chroot as the off-line system.
    As the target system is off-line, you can upgrade it every 1~2 months, as it is an off-line system you don't have to worry much about security.
    the manuals make.conf(5) and portage(5) have more info on the details.
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    duncan.britton reacted to sputnik in Offline updates - is it possible?   
    There was a similar question in Gentoo a while back, the fellow was going to be on board a ship with no network for 6 months.  I can't find it now, but not important, j-g- has good ideas.  Especially if you have a similar computer at home <whereever> that is on the network, you can just hand carry the flash drive back & forth with the package files.  I have a machine here with all of portage on flash drive, an ancient computer with a tiny HD.  Portage doesn't care where it's DIR's are.  But if you have to chroot and use qemu then: Door #2, yes it will be a pain because it will take so long to build packages in qemu emulation mode.  If that were the case I would update portage to reflect the latest packages and take the DISTFILES to the remote machine, let it find them in $DISTFILES and build them itself.  Assuming your _home machine had the same packages installed, else you'd have to manually d/l them.  It certainly won't be painless, but you can minimize the pain.
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    duncan.britton reacted to nrc in Im a user of Arch linux ,i want to install a source based distro, why should i choose Funtoo instead of Gentoo?   
    I came straight to Funtoo so I can't speak from experience on Gentoo but I know that I like some of the things that are frequently noted as differences.
    The profile system makes it easy to create a build that is very specific to your needs.
    The git based portage system is fast and efficient.
    The network configuration tools seem simple, logical, and effective for me as UNIX/Linux old timer.
    The boot-update tool gives me control of my boot process without the pain of dealing directly with grub2.
    I believe it's important to pursue alternatives to systemd and Funtoo does not support systemd.
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    duncan.britton reacted to funfool in moving from funtoo to gentoo...   
    Not sure what  all is old in funtoo means.
    I know some of the core system packages are older by design, and that is what will help make your funtoo stable.
    While the rest of the packages are pulled from the ~gentoo arch, so should be the same.
    While some packages are forked to keep a better working older version or some are simply masked as being broken.
    And of course you have overlays available and other avenues to get newer packages.
    One way is to put in a package request on https://bugs. funtoo.org/ if it is possible to do so without breaking things for others, is a very good chance will be done.
    I do not know your experience with gentoo / funtoo, I honestly think a good comparison is to use both.
    At one time I had several machines all on gentoo, and I loved it. I had several friends that had switched to funtoo, I really had no plans to change.
    One day I finally did give funtoo a try, and within 6 months I switched everything from gentoo to funtoo. I am very happy I did finally make the change.
    But using gentoo for some time, I noticed the differences between the two, and how much time funtoo had saved me from fixing broken packages.
    I liked that it had some older packages.
    To be fair though, you should do a clean install with any distro to try it out and compare it with others. I am a big fan of, use the distro that works best for you.
    I still use windows on my htpc because of netflix. This is no longer needed, but at the time, it was the best os for the job.
    Just want to be clear, if you think gentoo works best for you, then by all means use gentoo.
    But if you just have some problems with a few out dated packages, there are ways to fix that.
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    duncan.britton reacted to Xerxes Lins in Screenshots   
    Nice screenshots here!
    I use i3 and Openbox. Here my openbox desktop inspired on archbang and crunchbang.

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    duncan.britton reacted to gb00s in Screenshots   
    This is my old HP Z800 Workstation. Fun2oo with i3 - Conky - Urxvt - Multicharts in a VM - Thunar .... 

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    duncan.britton reacted to Oleg Vinichenko in My 2 cents on systemd   
    with all respect to participants, i did not read all thread, sorry.
    just a random find:
    Nice, eh?
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    duncan.britton reacted to spectromas in Can't launch opera-developer...   
    Is there a reason you are picking and choosing which questions to answer?
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    duncan.britton reacted to Tassie_Tux in [off topic] Makulu:great distro for newbies...   
    Some thoughts/ranting:
    This thread seems to be promoting an alternative (read 'rival') Linux Distribution. Why bother? A better idea would have been a "distribution Foo has a really awesome feature that is not currently in Funtoo Linux - how could we add it?" thread. Making a WM/DE look like Windows, OSX, etc. could be a way to stealthily deploy Linux in an environment where it is not allowed/supported! Perhaps a way to 'prank' a Windows-only user! Funtoo Linux can could* be the distro for newbies - provided that sufficient documentation and support is always available. It is an interesting question: is learning Linux via a distro almost identical in appearance to familiar proprietary operating system the better way for newbies to try/learn Linux? My thinking is 'no' but I would be interested to read the views of a 'yes' person.
    That made me laugh!  :D
    * EDIT: My original wording was to meant in the future-sense - 'Funtoo can be, if ...' and not 'Funtoo currently is...'. So I have changed my post to read 'could be' in hope that my meaning is clearer.  ;) 
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    duncan.britton reacted to cardinal in new funtoo home page   
    Autoplay is now disabled.

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    duncan.britton reacted to overkill in Screenshots   
    No, of course not.  There are 4 of us!  LOL
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    duncan.britton reacted to funfool in new funtoo home page   
    I am sorry guys, this new front page to funtoo with the guy yelling, does not work for me.
    If I was not already a funtoo user, I would run far and fast.
    Open the home page and yo u have sound turned on or headphones like I just did ...
    It just has the oposite effect that I would like the home page to represent.
    and this is just my humble opinion.
    I wonder how others feel.
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    duncan.britton reacted to 666threesixes666 in wiki work   
    ok im going to start a wiki work thread for drobbins to communicate with me on because he's busy, im busy, chat works great but these are going to be long term things that need worked out.  mainly dealing with the upcoming skin.
    what do you think about www.funtoo.org/ <--- ie removing Welcome / Main_Page?
    what do you think about the skin being even more like a web page, with login, edit, etc at the bottom?  (id probably stick search at the top of the page still)
    back story to above line, the skin's order in vectors h1 heading, body, then the rest of the tools to make content at the top of the html,  rest of tools to make sidebar etc... instead of beating up the css extensively to make the site have all the tools at the top just make a pretty footer, and migrate most of the menus to the actual welcome page like is done with Main_Page....
    i posted commits upstream to https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgActionPaths can we get that going so its www.funtoo.org/Main_Page/edit or www.funtoo.org/Main_Page/delete to make the site even more usable?  www.funtoo.org/Main_Page + /logout && return =D
    what about TOC, the new skin supports scrollspy...  if i fix this will you turn on the tocs?
    Package: name space's contents out of order for mobile, it shows the use flags first instead of inserting them where they would be relevant, they're not minimized for mobile / optional to see since you only really need to see them once at install, and they're consuming tons of space.  cat/pkg summary news needs to go to the bottom of the page, mobile users are looking at the news every package page.
    backend stuff.....
    varnish is good, but it doesnt support unix sockets, so its becoming a liability, i posted updates to the tengine / nginx pages so nginx could take over varnish's duties of acceleration.  it supports sockets out of the box, ssl, and multiple backend servers.
    possibly more to come on this post in a second if no immediate reply
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    duncan.britton reacted to drobbins in How to "Wiki"   
    There is now a great page that will give you an introduction of how to help us add great documentation to the wiki. See here:
    http://www.funtoo.org/Help:Funtoo_Editing_Guidelines -- also known as "How to 'Wiki'" - linked in the main nav column on the left.
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    duncan.britton reacted to swamprabbit in Funtoo ranking on DistroWatch   
    Not that if really matters or is a proper way of gauging a distro's popularity, because it really really isn't.
    Just wanted to share with anyone who cares or never took notice that Funtoo has moved up quite a few positions lately.
    As of today it has the following listed:
    Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 163 (68), 6 months: 157 (72), 3 months: 154 (72), 4 weeks: 139 (72), 1 week: 118 (75)
    The Funtoo DistroWatch page does not list any reviews, which is a shame.  I highly doubt Jesse Smith from DistroWatch would go through the trouble of installing Funtoo and doing a review, I can't recall the last time he did a review of a distro that didn't have a "one click" installer.   :P But it would be awesome if he did and would give Funtoo some well deserved time in the spotlight because disto's which don't have actual releases never get on the front page really.
    I wonder if Funtoo can break the top 100 before the end of the year either way?  Because that would be awesome!
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    duncan.britton reacted to sputnik in Change colors in gtk+ theme based on wallpaper   
    Life is too short for ugly desktops!
    I'm with you Duncan, and I really love that cityscape you have in the desktops thread.
    1st, I don't know of that which you ask.  Although I'm sure there is an easy way to find the predominant color in your picture in Gimp or something I don't know that either.  But it seems to me you can probably come close with just your eyeballs.
    I imagine you have looked over Gnome Look and those sorts of collections for themes.
    I use Emerald rather than GTK and it has the Emerald Theme Manager that allows you to set the colors, for one thing (many other options too).  Although it appears to me that Emerald is a (now) forgotten step-child of GTK I'm not aware of any such thing for GTK.  So I just find an Emerald theme at Gnome Look that's close enough then modify it.
    Your question peaked my interest and I did find something that may be interesting though:
    Sounds like it may do what you want, sans the color picker.  Much like the Emerald Theme Manager.
    I hope someone else can chime in with some better ideas.
    Edit: This will find your predominant color
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    duncan.britton reacted to dduffield in funtoo logo ideas   
    Here is my submission:

    I also have an 80x80 of it as a suggested replacement for /usr/src/linux/drivers/video/logo/linux_logo_clut224.ppm:

    Since I have proposed it as a kernel logo as well (like gentoo-sources), here's the one for hardened-sources:

    Which is a miniature of this:

    If I think of any other good ones, I'll do 'em and post 'em up too!
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    duncan.britton reacted to pereira.alex in Uploading and hosting of binary packages   
    With the new profiles and developments, would it be more possible to allow user to upload the emerged binary package with profiles and use information.
    Other users, if using the same profiles and use flags, could then download this binary package instead of compiling on its own.
    For small packages, its benefict would be small, but imagine the time people would save compiling libreoffice/chromium/firefox with the correct use flags and cpu profile.
    What do you guys think ?
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    duncan.britton reacted to uudruid74 in What did/do you guys do?   
    I probably shouldn't necrobump old threads, but school for me was mostly a waste of time.  I was more or less teaching the teachers and making more than them, so I quit.  Then again, I've been using computers since I was 3 or 4.  I could do basic BASIC in kindergarten.
    My advice is to figure out what you are most passionate about and dive in deep.  You'll end up being amazingly good at it and someone is going to come along and need those skills.   Basically, find your niche.
    My niche seems to be abandoned, half-finished projects :)   What do I do?   Here's one of the more fun jobs I worked at : 
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    duncan.britton reacted to morphmex in The future is here.., installer funtoo?   
    Hello everyone, often talking with my friends or users of linux-gnu funtoo I was asked if it un'installer graphic. Funtoo has the advantage of being a system is not difficult (reading wiky) that puts you in the heart of the system, allows you to learn a lot and to customize the system to your liking by choosing in advance what you want. From what I see in recent developments, Daniel and his staff are making efforts to continue the work of modernization and simplification without ever take away the control system. You believe that un'installer chart used at the discretion of the user may call into question this principle? I think not but probably requires work that the staff is not trained or perhaps among all the jobs that need to be made the 'graphical installer is the least of the problems. Before using Funtoo it used Sabayon, derived gentoo that has always used the 'Fedora graphical installer and then inserted the packaging system equo / entropy. I also tried the Russian Calculate with un'installer I prefer to that of sabayon. These experiences make me think that a simplification of the installation could increase the visibility he funtoo users. What do you think? Sorry, i'm used google-translate.

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    duncan.britton reacted to aryvandaar in Xfce 4.12 has been released   
    I love the new Xfce. Xfce was already awesome, and I didn't think it could get even more awesome.  :)
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    duncan.britton got a reaction from Deklan? in Xfce 4.12 has been released   
    Hey Deklan. Thanks for the reply!
    However, I have that option unchecked and only get a preview of the window's icon, not the window itself.  I am trying to get the third picture from this link [http://www.xfce.org/about/tour] and can only get the 1st and 2nd pictures (by checking and unchecking the "Cycle through windows in a list" option). Do I have to be using XFCE's compositor to do this, or can I get the previews using a compositor such as compton?
    EDIT: I just found the answer. Apparently the preview mode only works with XFCE's native XRender compositor, not with compton.
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    duncan.britton reacted to Deklan? in Xfce 4.12 has been released   
    Xfce 4.12 released


    After 2 years and 10 months of work, we are pleased to announce the release

    of the Xfce desktop 4.12, a new stable version that supersedes Xfce 4.10..

    The long awaited Xfce 4.12 has been released, enjoy  :) 







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