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  1. I found it strange too, that's why I wanted to know where the system is defining these settings. Since the problem was with all the packages and make.conf and package.use are fresh, it must have been something with the profiles. Maybe the system couldn't handle the installation of multiple python versions after each other with multiple eselect python command runs in sequence. I guess, I'll never find out, because I made a manual workaround by exporting the right values and the error didn't occur again for now. I'll do more testing when I have more time.
  2. Hi, I'm wondering how and where PYTHON_TARGETS and PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET are defined. Since upgrading to 1.3 and lately to 1.4, I've been getting more and more emerge errors, complaining about these two settings. I even started a fresh install, thinking that one of the upgrades might have broken something, but already on the first (still empty world file) world update, I ran into the same kind of errors again. I read the forums and found out, that the way to go should be to override the PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET setting via USE flags (this thread), but I'm still getting errors: PYTHON
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