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  1. I'm wrapping up my upgrade to Funtoo 1.4 but noticing there has not been an upgrade to the sys-kernel/gentoo-sources. I know debian-sources are Daniels preferred kernel sources but I would have assumed the more recent meta-repo freeze would have pulled in a newer kernel/gentoo-sources than the one I had in Funtoo 1.3. In the future are the only kernel sources that are going to be updated in the repository going to be debian-sources?
  2. In the release notes for Funtoo 1.3 there is the part about Kit Snapshots: Is this why my 1.3 system hasn't seen much in the way of portage updates when I `ego sync`? Does this mean that Funtoo will be less of a rolling release system and only likely to see the 4+ larger yearly updates, as mentioned elsewhere in the release notes? I have a few minor reservations about this: As a long time Gentoo and now Funtoo user I have come to understand that keeping the system updated is easier in little regular updates rather than trying to update a many months old system. Will this problem rear its head when Funtoo pushes an update? So far the 1.2 and 1.3 updates have been less than trivial processes to get through. Will this process get simpler/be automated? Obviously these are small potatoes to that of the considerations put into producing an entire linux distro but I have come to expect a certain way of doing things with Funtoo and like most people I fear/hate change even when it is likely for the best.
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