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  1. It runs when I installed the nvidia drivers alone. It was a driver issue.
  2. I tried glxgears and it doesn't seem to turn; Perhaps it is a video driver configuration issue.
  3. I have added the new nvidia mix-in on original install but then removed it and defaulted to the intel only drivers.
  4. My install procedure is more or less here: https://github.com/mattfidler/funtoo-dell-xps-15-9570
  5. My guess is that it is not working with some of the OpenGL drivers? I installed funtoo 1.2 a few weeks ago and there wasn't a problem with this release. But, I could also get bumblee working in that release, and I cannot get bumblebee working for funtoo in this release. Did you want me to do anything else. It seems like some of your comment was cut off. You said please without any instruction. I have tried disabling webgl and it seems to work the same; Therefore it could be the opengl drivers. On the other hand the facebook login works well and it likely doe
  6. Hi, I just installed funtoo 1.3 and it seems that the net-libs/webkit-gtk-2.22.2 is not working correctly. My estimation of this is because I cannot link my online accounts with the gnome settings tool. Also chromium experiences the same hangs, though firefox seems to be unaffected. The login for google and microsoft blinks and is unable to take any input. I tried to get a different version of webgit-gtk to work and it seemed to only allow webkit-gtk-2.22.2 even though other versions are listed on the gentoo portage tree. Can you help me try a different version?
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