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  1. This response is very disappointing to me......... WIth all due respect, this is one type of the responses I see day in and day out on the Gentoo forums, and I was hoping to see better here. I'll say my piece here.....then I'll be quiet after this. 1. To address the response above: Let me ask you a question......Do you honestly think that If I had not done my homework, that I would have had a functioning systemd package up until this last upgrade that rendered my system unbootable? I think the answer to that is 'NO'. I have been running Gnome 3 (cinammon) with systemd for over
  2. Ok, thanks for the replies....maybe I will try Funtoo by the end of this month as my schedule permits. I do need to get my main machine back up. To answer the question about what I mean about being 'unbootable'........I have systemd on my system that still seems to depend on udev also being installed (or my internal peripherals like SATA or Serial Ports are not found). It had been working until I tried to update to the next version of xorg-server which triggered a lot of updates on my system....gdm and systemd. However, systemd suddenly wouldn't install because udev was also installed a
  3. Hi Guys, If this is not the type of discussion wanted here, please feel free to delete this post. I am looking at replacing Gentoo after years of running it on my main laptop.....once again I am sitting with a laptop that won't boot due to yet another portage package upgrade that either had 1) dependent packages that the ebuild didn't know to check for, 2) had a package that it decided couldn't be resident, yet didn't pull in a replacement so now I have a 'hole' in my system executable that no longer runs, 3) changed around my configuration files without even asking thereby breaking
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