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  1. patch -p1 failed with /var/tmp/portage/kde-misc/kio-locate-0.6.0/files/kio-locate-0.6.0-gcc-4.7.patch ls /var/tmp/portage/kde-misc/kio-locate-0.6.0/files/ kio-locate-0.5.3-gcc-4.7.patch kio-locate-0.5.3-kf5port.patch I tried renaming the patch file, just in case it was that simple, and it goes further and then fails. So not that simple. Any thoughts, thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for your response. That probably would bypass the issue. Is 1.3 stable? I upgraded my processor to a 2nd Gen Ryzen and my existing kernel blew up, caused the machine to reboot rather early in the boot. I started to go down the path of 1.3 over my existing install, most likely unnecessarily, and was having a lot of issues, so I dropped back to 1.2. Of course I am not sure if it was because the recommended rescue CD had a kernel from 2016, but it was late at night, I saw signs of multilib issues, possibly from libraries laying around from the prior install, and I was just
  3. I ended up switching to 1.3. Had several new issues, mainly due to old libraries that were still lying around, but got around all of those and this one did not reappear, so I am marking this solved. My apologies if this has been discussed or I am being obtuse. I am trying to install Mesa 17.2.8, but it fails because I have LLVM 6 installed. It tries to use flags.setUnsafeAlgebra, which is replaced with flags.setFast in LLVM6, based on my reading. There is a patch to resolve this issue, by checking for LLVM 6 and using the proper flag, in that case. I applied it manually and m
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