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  1. This suddenly showed up after months of no changes to the system other than updating. Never seen this in many years of running Gentoo or Funtoo. Another Funtoo system with identical configuration updates properly. (below the error just below is the epro info) Any ideas? Thanks. *** *** *** emerge -auvDN --with-bdeps=y @world These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies \ !!! 'mate-base/mate-session-manager' has a category that is not listed in /etc/portage/categories \ !!! 'mate-base/mate-applets' has a categor
  2. Hello, Getting this message when doing a world update: !!! The ebuild selected to satisfy "dev-lang/rust:stable" has unmet requirements. - dev-lang/rust-1.32.0::net-kit USE="-clippy -debug -doc -libressl -rls -rustfmt -system-llvm -wasm" ABI_X86="(64) -32 (-x32)" CPU_FLAGS_X86="sse2" LLVM_TARGETS="-AArch64 -AMDGPU -ARM -BPF -Hexagon -Lanai -MSP430 -Mips -NVPTX -PowerPC -Sparc -SystemZ -X86 -XCore" The following REQUIRED_USE flag constraints are unsatisfied: any-of ( llvm_targets_AArch64 llvm_targets_AMDGPU llvm_targets_ARM llvm_targets_BPF llvm_targets_Hexagon llvm_tar
  3. Message from Portage when trying to emerge Chromium: emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy ">=media-libs/harfbuzz-2.0.0:0=[icu(-)]". (dependency required by "www-client/chromium-72.0.3595.2::net-kit" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "chromium" [argument]) Please advise. Thanks!
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