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    bh2142 reacted to erikr in Funtoo KDE strategy?   
    Hi fellows,
    Some time ago I was forced to abandon Funtoo to Gentoo as the KDE tree fell hopelessly behind. I did not have the time nor the funto-mirroring-know-how to get involved in the matter. I did try to use the ebuilds from Gentoo by that became a dependency nightmare. Quite a lot have changed in Funtoo since then.  Recently there has been a general upgrade of the kde-plasma/plasma-meta and KDE was up to date for a while, but are no longer. 
    Question is, will the status of KDE depend on once in a while heroic efforts or are Funtoo aiming to mirror either Gentoo or KDE trees so that one can depend on the kde-plasma/plasma-meta being reasonable up to date? And if not, are there a strategy or and work going on to get there? Are there any ambitions?
    I am not asking for KDE stage 4, but I depend on KDE for my every day work over time.
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    bh2142 reacted to krish in Minecraft experience now autogenned on Funtoo!   
    Just in time for the holidays! The Minecraft experience has been updated for Funtoo!
    Now you can mine and build to your your hearts content!
    Whats new: Converted the minecraft-launcher to autogen. What does this mean for you? No more waiting forever for someone to update it! It is now done automagically so you always have the latest version!
    We also added and updated the Java minecraft-server to latest version so you can host those awesome LAN parties with friends!
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    bh2142 reacted to drobbins in 1.4 is (almost!) ready to go!   
    Hey everyone,
    1.4 is almost ready to be released. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed pull requests for 1.4 and tested 1.4. There's still a bunch of work to do, but there always will be and I believe 1.4 will be our most well-tested release so far.
    After 1.4 is released, we will start development on 2.0, to be released some time in the Fall (Sept/Oct timeframe). I've been thinking about the release schedule a lot and I think that aiming for a .0 release every Fall seems to be a good idea. This means the work is completed well before the winter holidays, and fall in the US is a good season of change and looking forward to new things.
    What I have left to do for 1.4 is to update the ARM builds to 1.4 and then also to update our documentation, release notes, upgrade steps and related docs. I want to incorporate the new video cards mix-ins into the official installation steps and not leave it to just be a "First Steps" item after install. This way, people can use the install docs to get their desktop environment of choice up and running, too.
    I hope to get all this completed in the next few days.
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    bh2142 reacted to drobbins in Updates: 1.4-release in Alpha, dev-lang/dart and updated Firefox added...   
    Hey all,
    I've been really busy this month -- in Funtoo-land as well as on other projects (currently in Washington, DC area doing some work.)
    I've just moved 1.4-release to ALPHA status (it was "in development" status) and will be working on getting some alpha builds available. I've updated the snapshot that 1.4 is based upon and frozen 1.4 so 1.4 will be based on a June 21, 2019 snapshot of Gentoo. I will also be looking to start a non-frozen variant of Funtoo again...
    New Firefox and firebox-bin are now in the tree to address security issues.
    I've also added the latest version of dev-lang/dart to the tree. This is a very interesting language that comes from Google and recently received a major revamp to make it really nice. Here's an interesting article about it: https://hackernoon.com/why-i-moved-from-java-to-dart-8f3802b1d652 . I am using Dart to do multi-platform development using Google's flutter (which uses Dart) -- and I've enjoyed my experience so far.
    More updates to come...
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