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  1. sorry.No, after reboot to Windows and boot - all bad again. Trouble that Xsession cant start from root-user. I changed to common-user and got dbus-errors that i have no enough rights. Dont know how to fix( Disabled Networkmanager in /etc/netmount
  2. I had the same issue on Gentoo: also boot stoped on line `nm-dispatcher: req:3 'hostname': start running ordered scripts...` Yesterday resolved. I installed sysklogd: emerge sysklogd rc-update add sysklogd default After this all boot Ok, except NetworkManager - it does not start. I tried to find where it added to autoboot and didnot found. So, i uncommened in /etc/conf.d/netmount : rc_need="NetworkManager" And all works well! As debug used links: https://sparkylinux.org/forum/index.php?topic=4018.0 - to find that lightdm can output errors to syslog.
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